Black Hood by Amy P.

Black Hood

You know you’ve seen it around before
Tailing your car to the grocery store.
Just out of sight from where you stood
That fleeting and unforgettable black hood.

From the back of the line in the coffee shop
To the streets, hidden behind a bus stop.
‘It’s following me’, you decide for good.
That evasive and eerie black hood.

Taunting you, holding a bouquet of flowers
A haunting feeling you remember for hours
Frightening you more than it should,
That ominous and daunting black hood.

Jolting awake in the middle of the night
It’s outside of your window; your fear ignites.
Losing more sleep than you ever thought you could,
That sinister and possessive black hood.

Now you can’t even walk down the hall
Without panicking; it’s everywhere…yet nowhere at all
Your crutch is the wall and its sturdy wood
That terrifying and ubiquitous black hood.

It’s paralyzed you, with fear and uncertainty
Snatching your thoughts and seizing your clarity
If you knew a way to stop this, you would
That uncontrollable and engrossing black hood.

Today is Halloween, the day of the dead.
Trudging home with feet heavier than lead,
You hear footsteps behind you, so you stop in your tracks.
You’re shaking with terror, that feeling is back.

But this time, it’s different; something’s wrong.
Though your fear is the same, ever so strong,
Now it’s closer, behind you, there’s a knife at your back!
The last thing you see before the world turns black…