Layers Upon Layers

Layers upon layers,
Full of cracks and shards.
Eyes that smile and laugh,
Windows draped in shadow.

Are they blind? Can’t they see?
Or am I just too opaque?
Please, someone, see me now.
See the pain locked deep inside.

One layer splinters,
Another takes its place.
Never can anyone know,
I’m pounding at the walls.

I want them to know!
I need them to know!
I can’t take this anymore!
Help me…can’t you hear me screaming?

Shadowed curtains sealed tight,
Windows locked and barred.
Always always closed away,
There’s no one to open the door.

The key is gone, I threw it away.
No longer can I be free.
Silent pedestrians filing by.
Too stupid to even see.

The wall stands firm,
As yet unbreached.
Bricks and mortar flawless.
No one thinks to climb.

How could I have done this,
Trapped myself inside?
I built the wall, I wanted it there.
A fortress in my mind.

Nothing disturbed, all is well.
Just as it should be.
Bumbling sheep go trotting by,
Never suspecting a thing.

Smothered by my own intent,
Crushed by my own resolve.

Built to conceal,
Designed to hide.

See past the illusion,
Tear down the walls.

Hiding all but carefree joy

See the truth behind the lie

Sealed from within

I can’t break free

Invisible from without

Why can’t they see?

Don’t you remember?


It was you who built me.

This monster I created

Wanted, so I came,
To shut away your fear

These bars inside my mind

They cannot see me,
They do not know I’m here

Someone, please,

Let my pain be seen

– G.L. Aster