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Tom-Terrific by WPGSN

Tom Brady battles Peyton Manning for the 16th time in his 15-year career, and puts on a great Sunday football game in Foxboro. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are no doubt two of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game right now.  Brady is the winningest playoff quarterback in NFL history and Manning is currently the stats leader in almost all quarterback (qb) categories. Week 9 in the NFL was another 18 vs. 12 matchup, a great rivalry and a classic matchup that everyone enjoys.

The Sunday night game was also a reunion party for an old dynamic duo, Wes Welker and Tom Brady. After leaving the Patriots in 2012, Welker has become Manning’s go to receiver. On Sunday night, Welker would play against a familiar defense, and against star corner, Brandon Browner. Peyton and Tom both had a mediocre start, with both drives ending in a punt.  Stephen Gotstowski gave New England the lead after kicking a 40 yard field goal, but the lead was soon surpassed after Ronnie Hilman, the Denver RB, rushes for a touchdown to score 7 points.

In the second quarter the Pats began rolling. They scored three touchdowns and one field goal.  Julian Edelman was in the spotlight after scoring a big touchdown by returning a 84 yard punt for a touchdown, his second touchdown off a special teams play. Brady throws to touchdown passes and takes the pats up 27-7.

In the second half Peyton answers back with two touchdowns, but Brady continues to throw passes and also throws two touchdowns, making the game 43-21. Manning loses the game with 438 passing yards and two touchdowns and interceptions.

Brady finishes with 333 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception.  Manning moves up to second place in Season passing yardage rankings, with Tom Brady close behind in 4th place.

Also, a record setting night for Brady as he beats John Elway’s 51475 passing record, who is sitting in fifth place in all-time passing yard rankings.

Peyton Manning’s record against Tom Brady is now 5 wins to 10 loses.  Three of his wins were in Foxboro, and two in Denver and Indianapolis.

The Broncos fought hard, but the Patriots fought harder. Brady is now back on track, and is definitely playing way better football than the first 4 weeks. There is probably a rematch between the two in the AFC finals game. Until then, there is no debate on who is the better qb this season so far. The AFC should refer to Tom as Mr. Brady, because Peyton is no longer the top player in the AFC.

Well, at least for now.