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Last year, Seattle was a dominant force in the NFL. The team had every position stacked. The team has a great receiving corp, a young and efficient quarterback and an impenetrable pass coverage crew(legion of boom) and an overpowering running back. What else do you need in a championship team? The lineup that took the Hawks to their first super bowl was a different team from this year. The chemistry between players is different, the management had made some poor choices, and the defense lacks efficiency. Losing to the Rams and barely beating the Raiders are key signs of the team slowing down Here are some main reasons why the Seahawks will have a mediocre 2014 season and an even worse 2015 season.

The Seahawks won the superbowl because they were a dynamic team and had a lot of chemistry. Each player worked really well with each other, and played some great football. However, after their win, everything fell apart. The receiving corp and the passing game took lots of damage, resulting in a average offence.

Lets start with the passing game. Russell Wilson has a bright future ahead of him. He has a great arm, which was so powerful that it earned him a spot on the MLB team, Texas Rangers. In 2013, Wilson had some of the most elite receivers in the game. However, what really helped Seattle was the running game. Marshawn Lynch is a speedy RB, and helped the team rank 4th in rushing yards in 2013. Wilson can also run, which produced many yards for the team. This year, Lynch is definitely not as productive as last year. Although he is 9th in rushing yards and tied for 6th in touchdowns, we expect more from someone who is nicknamed, Beast Mode.

What happened that hurt the team’s chemistry? Well we have to start this analysis from SuperBowl 48. take a close look at this picture:

That is a black eye, courtesy of Golden Tate III. After investigation, it was reported that Tate and Harvin engaged in a fight prior to the Superbowl, resulting in Tate going to Detroit and playing for Stafford. Now, In Seahawks minicamp, Sherman and Bates engaged in a fistfight. Now, some African American Hawks are questioning quarterback Russell Wilson’s blackness, which has nothing to do with football. All these arguments and fights had torn the team apart. With the departure of Percy Harvin and Golden Tate Seattle’s passing game clearly became weaker. Wilsons had a disappointing performance against the 0-8 Raiders. He completed only half of his passes for under 200 yards and no touchdowns. Lynch is not a dedicated player to this team; including missing the white house visit, not participating in training camp and distracting players in the locker room. Reports say 2014 may be Marshawn last season as a Seahawk. Sherman is playing very differently from last year also. in 9 games last year Richard had 4 interceptions, but this year he only had one.

Seattle is a different team now, and by that I mean a worse team than 2013. If the 49ers improve their record they could cost the Seahawks a playoff run. Right now Wilson and his team still has a chance to play in the postseason, but they will not have the same run as last year. Also, what will happen if the management doesn’t resign Lynch? Without their superior running game, which is a big part of their offence, how will they do?

Many questions float around the Seahawk’S chances to continue as a dominant team. In the end, if Pete Carroll doesn’t get his act together, this team could be in some serious trouble.