My Anger

My anger is a stone, a rock,
A hard thing inside my chest.
It longs to get out,
Claws at my throat.

I grit my teeth, swallow it back.
I feel it burning,
A twisted living thing,
Shredding me from inside out.

It bites, it tears,
It rips me apart.
Kicking, screaming,
Wanting to be free.

I can’t let it out, I force it back,
Try to soften the burning pain.
Tears inside my eyes,
I hide them away too.

To let it out, this fire inside,
That’s a thing I can never do.
It doesn’t matter
How much I want it.

It sits heavy and sharp,
Slicing silently away.
Why should I hurt,
And save everyone else?

Just once, please,
Let this pain end.
Let me give in,
And set my anger free

But I can’t,
I keep it in.
I stifle my screams,
And let my anger burn.

G. L. Aster