Over and Over Again

Over and Over Again

Written by QueenChaos

“Aaaaaaaahh…” Eve placed the shopping bags down on the counter. Shopping for Halloween was ALWAYS a blast, especially since she could be able to eat some of the candy herself. She placed the boxes of candy in her shelf, her white, waist-long hair fluttering behind her. “Hmmmm…” She looked at the rest of the decorations lying on the ground. Stuffing some ghost marshmallows in her mouth, she said, “I’ll do that later, I suppose…” She smiled and flopped on the couch, flipping on the TV to reveal the show she had been waiting for. Ever since Eve was a little girl, she always loved watching horror movies, especially around halloween time. Each Halloween eve, she would flip to channel 616, and wait for the movie to start. This year was no different, except for that fact that she would be watching it alone, since she moved out from her parent’s home last year. She snuggled down deep in the velvet couch, her golden eyes taking in the first seconds of the horror film. “We all have probably seen things that are very bizarre, but have you ever thought of creatures from another dimension?” A fake spooky voice drifted from her speakers. She roller her eyes, this was why she loved horror films; they were so clearly unrealistic! She could never understand why her friends were scared of such a thing.

The movie started out fine, with a girl around her age with jet black hair and silver eyes. She was walking home when suddenly a guy appeared out of nowhere. He had two eyes, but that was all that was human about him, or more like it. It seemed like it was possessed, and had several white bones sticking out of it’s back. It’s deformed face seemed to pop out of the screen. It’s colour never stayed the same, shifting from shade to shade, most of them being neon. Looking at them, Eve suddenly felt the urge to throw up, and got dizzy. However, that moment soon passed and she found herself once again sucked into watching the movie that was playing. After the movie ended, she stood up to go upstairs when suddenly she felt like someone was creeping up behind her. “GET OUT!” She screamed, and turned around, her eyes turning pure red for a second. No one was behind her. She shook her head, she must have been imagining things. Eve shuddered and she walked up to her stairway and slowly trudged up the stairs; the movie had somehow made her really sluggish and tired. Sighing, she dropped onto her bed without cleaning herself.

The next morning, she woke up feeling perfectly fine. “Today is Halloween!” She told herself, staring at the mirror. She looked the same, felt the same, and soon she forgot about the weird sensation she had felt the day before. She looked at the clock. “10:30 pm…” She read out loud. Her mind couldn’t comprehend what she saw. She stood there for a full 30 seconds, her 24 carat gold eyes not dissolving the data she had received. “I just went to sleep. At 10:30 pm last night.” She spoke softly. She looked at the calendar; had she missed Halloween?? Her favourite holiday ever? She then peered outside. Much to her horror, it was pitch black outside. Now, she was scared. Grabbing her phone from her charger, she stared at it, not daring to open the coal black screen and confront the truth. Gulping, she pressed down the home button. 10:30 pm… She blinked. Hurriedly, she phoned the first person on her list; Add, Accel. She called him, desperately waiting for her boyfriend to pick the phone up, but he didn’t. She tried number after number on her phone, but none of them picked up. Suddenly, she heard a familiar sound playing downstairs near her TV, one that she heard every year at the eve of Halloween. Her eyes widened to the point where her felt the tension way down her face, and then raced downstairs. She set her eyes on the same movie that was playing the day before she went to sleep, and the same spooky voice exclaimed, “We all have probably seen things that are very bizarre, but have you ever thought of creatures from another dimension?” This time she didn’t laugh. Eve was on the verge of tears, so she sprinted straight to the bathroom and curled up in the fetal position. She sobbed silently as her human mind tried to digest the nightmare that had been thrown at it.

After a few minutes, she stood up and decided that she was going to take control of the situation, and to do that , she would have to clean up first. Breathing in, Eve turned on the tap. She stared at her reflection in the mirror until she felt her hands become sticky. When she looked down, her hands were dyed a deep crimson colour, and she instantly flinched back and screamed. Out of the sink came dark red blood pouring out, and she yelled so hard her voice became raw. Scrambling away, she left a trail of dark red following her. If she had any doubts about this neverending dream turned bad, all of them were wiped away by the blood spewing out of the faucet. Streams of water ran down her face, washing down her chin onto the ground. Eve ran out to the front door, and sprinted out to the front yard, her white cloak stained with red. Sniffing, she stared up at the sky to the worse scene yet; the whole sky was painted red. Not dark red, like blood, and not light red, like pink, but true red. She felt all the strings that was tethering herself together snap, and she smiled. When she opened her eyes again, it was pitch black, with no soul, and her smile was crooked. Eve’s beautiful fingers were bent at odd angles, and her legs which were once slim looked like gnarled branches.

She laughed, her voice on borderline insanity, and somewhere along the way, her laugh turned into a tortured scream. She stopped and blinked, her black hole eyes sucking life out of the world, and then disappeared. The sky turned to it’s usual colour, and the moon was white again. Everything seemed normal, until a scream was heard in the alleyway. A girl had spotted a thing, an it, crawling towards it. *click* “This is such a lame movie.” A girl said, turning off the TV. She curled up in her bed, since she felt a little sick in the movie before. She slowly walked up the stairs and fell to the bed with tiredness. 7 hours later, she woke up, and stared at the clock. “10:30 pm.” She read, and her scream echoed throughout the house.