My Name is Anna

M nam Annnnna. iM for. I lk my dog. Hees nic. I lik frisb in te park on wkend. I hav a broter he is josh. hes ok.i lov iis crem. itis tast. I lov skoll. I draw now. Bibibibibibibibi.

Mi nam is Anna. Im fiv yers old and I liik my dog. He s nic. we pla frisbe in the park on the wekend I hav a brothr his nam is josh. I don’t lik him. He is men. lov is crem. It is taste Skol is fun. I am tird. Im gon stop ths letr now. Bi bi.

Mi name is Anna. Im six yers oldd and I liik my dog. He is nice. We usd to plaee Frisbee in the park on the wekend but we don’t as much anemoreI have a brothr his name is josh. I don’t like him. He is meen to me. I love ise creem. It is tasti. Skool is ok I gess. I want to go hom. I’m goin to stop riting now. By.

My name is Anna. Im seven years old and I like my dog. He is nice but he dosnt move much anymor.My brother is josh. I wish he wod go away becaus he is mean to me. I love ice cream. It is tasty. Scool is alrite. I want to go to sleep so im going too say buy now. Bye.

My name is Anna. I’m eigt years old and my dog is ten. He doesn’t do anything and that maks me sad. Long time ago we played Frisbee in the park on the weekend I have a brother named Josh. I like my dog beter then him. I like all kinnds of ice cream. Ittastes good. School can be fun somethimes. Im bored so im going to stop now. Bye.

My name is Anna and I’m nine. I’m in grade four. I feel so old. My dog is all grey and im sad. I liked Frisbee with him ☹. MY brother is names Josh and I hate him. Ice cream is deliicus. Its really good. School is kind off boring. My grandma went to hospitel yestirday but my mom says everythings going to b alrigt. Nothing else to say so Im gone to go now. Buy.

My name is Anna and I’m ten and in grade five. Grade four is not old. Grade five is. My dog isn’t here anymore. He’s chasing in bunnies in heaven now my mom says. I wish I could see him again. I stil have our Frisbee. moM says grandma is making cookies in heaven to. My brother is in grade seven. His mane is joshh. He’s a jerk. Don’t like him at all. I want him to go away. Fore’ver. I like schocolate ice cream the beste butstrawberry is better. I wish I didn’t habe to to go to school. My hand hurts. Bye.

My name is Anna and I’m eleven years old. 11. I like that number. 11 11 11 11 11 11 11. I lost my dogs Frisbee last week and I cried for hours. I think my brother stole. It I really hate him. His name is Josh. Ive waysted to much space on him. Grandma will probobly see grandpa in heaven soon says mom. I had ice cream for dessert yesterday. I want the bell to go so I can go home and leave school No more pencil to write with. Bye.

MY name is Anna. I’m twelve years old and I’m in grade seven. I have the stupid fsas this year. I put a piture of my dog as my backround. I miss him. My brother is an idiot. His name is Josh. The ice cream store on my street closed yesterday. I don’t like school.I’m going to check my email now. Bye.

My name is Anna and I’m thirteen. Grade eight is a waste of my life. Too much homework. We got a new dog. I want my old one back but the new one is ok. She’s cute. My idiot brother wants to name her Sheila. That’s stupid. She looks like an Emma. mom and dad started fighting I’m sad. I forgot to buy ice cream at the new store. Idiot. Sometimes I want to skip school. I wish I knew what the point to life was. My phone went off so…yeah. Bye.

My name is Anna and I’m fourteen. I kinda like grade nine. It’s ok. School is boring. My friend is turning fifteen in a couple weeks. I’m not for a couple months. I’m spending the weekend at my dad’s new house he moved out. My new dog (she’s called Ellie) doesn’t like to play Frisbee. But neither do I anymore. It’s boring. The new ice cream store got robbed yesterday. Whatever. That stuff is so bad for you. I really don’t like school. Gotta check my facebook cuz the teacher left. Not that anyone will have sent me anything. Bye.

My name is Anna I’m fifteen. There’s to much university pressure in grade 10. I don’t think I’m going to be goint to univercity. I broke my arm and three ribs in a skating accident so I cant write as well. Ellie ate one of my textbooks and the teacher doesn’t belive me. My old dog never did that but I cant even remember what he looked like now. Josh is starting college next week. We’ve moved away from my friends and there’s a guy who comes around to our house every morning to sell us ice cream. I only buy it because my mom tells me to. I never eat it anymore. Too many calories. I don’t know why I’m doing much anymore This is a serious waste of time. Bye.

My name is Anna. Yesterday was my sixteenth birthday. I got my drivers license. I also failed my math exam and my mom took it away. I don’t think school’s important. I’m probably not going to do anything after I graduate. Next summer my dad is getting married again. I accidentaly deleted all the picture of my old dog that I used to play Frisbee with in the park. I actually found the old Frisbee Ellie’s blanket. She was chewing on it so I took it away. She growled and chased me up the stairs. I don’t like Ellie much. Next week Josh is coming home and taking her to college with him. Good riddance. I also found her eating ice cream out of the freezer. Today my boyfriend broke up with me and I don’t even know why. I don’t know how many more of these I’m gonna write. Gotta go. Bye.

My name is Anna. I’m seventeen years old. My best friend was in a car crash last week and her funeral is in a couple hours. She was my only friend since we moved. I’ve stopped trying in class since then. I wish my old dog was here so I could cry with him. I couldn’t even eat ice cream to help me becuase we had none. I tried calling my brother Josh but we just fought. I don’t care about school anymore. I don’t care about anything. Nobody understands. I don’t think I’ll be writing many more letters. I should go. Bye.

My name is Anna. I am eighteen years old. Three months ago I graduated. When I was four my teacher told me to write a letter to myself every year. This is my fifteenth letter. When I was four I loved ice cream, owned a dog that I played Frisbee in the park with on the weekend, and loved school. When I was eight I didn’t like my brother Josh, liked ice cream and kind of liked school. When I was ten my dog died. When I was eleven we got a new one. When I was fourteen I didn’t like ice cream or school or playing Frisbee. When I was fifteen I was in a skating accident. When I was sixteen I got my drivers license and lost it the next day. Last year my best friend died and I stopped caring. Now I’m eighteen. I finished school, own a cat named Amelia who scratches all the time, have a string of ex-boyfriends, never eat ice cream, and pretty much never talk to my brother. Looking back at these letters, watching my happiness slip away, I just wonder if there was any point to any of it. My grandparents died, my parents divorced…I would rather be any other age than the one I am now. My name is Anna. I am eighteen years old. This will be my last letter.

-G.L Aster