The Concert: Part IV

Part IV: The Performer

When you go to a concert
and have to sit still and quietly and focus absolutely and only on the stage
and listen – it’s the hardest thing to do,
to focus so absolutely like that.

But there is something magical about
a performer.
Their expressions, their movements –
when you get to see a good musician
all of it is completely free and all of it
is completely true.

When you’re at a concert,
you’re not just listening.
You’re watching – and yes, it is a bit creepy, I suppose –
but you’re watching the performers, watching as
their masks drop
and their walls fall
and they bare their entire souls in an attempt to draw out the music
from within themselves,
and bring it to and share it with you,
so that you might feel perhaps even a fraction of what the music is saying;
what the music is feeling.

Because ultimately, music comes from within:
And to play music for any audience
you must be brave enough to let go
and face reality
and welcome it in with open arms
and an honest heart.