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The NFL regular season is in full swing, but the league MVP race is just starting. Recently, the NFL just released the top ten candidates for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, with Aaron Rodgers at the top of the class. The question is, is Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in the NFL? Many analysts think so, as well as some players in the NFL. Even though Rodgers has led his team to an 8-3 record and an average 33.3 points per game, Aaron Rodgers is NOT the top MVP candidate. In fact, he is not even the best quarterback in the NFL. Rodgers might look good on paper, but all sports fans and athletes know that stats aren’t everything. However, if Aaron Rodgers can pull off a win against Tom Brady next week, his MVP award is guaranteed.
Out of the 11 games Green Bay played this season, the three games they lost occurred on the road. With the exception of New Orléans, Rodgers could not win games against teams who finished with a winning record last season. He lost to the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks. In those two losses against winning teams, Rodgers had a mere total of 351 yards, two touchdowns and one interception, resulting in an 81/88 quarterback rating and an 0-2 record. Since Rodgers and Brady are playing next week, let’s compare their stats. Let’s use Brady’s stats from Kansas City and Indianapolis, because they are both winning teams and Brady played them not at Gillette, but on the road. Brady is 1-1, for 416 yards, 59/85 QBR, with three touchdowns and four interceptions. Aaron might look a bit better than Tom on paper, but that is when the in-game analysis that makes all the difference. In the games that Rodgers lost, the Green Bay defense had allowed the other team for a total of 55 points and two turnovers. The New England defense allowed a total of 61 points and one turnover.

The receiving team is also a key component for Rodger’s success. His starting receivers’ average height is 6.0ft. Their opponent, the Patriots, have receiving corp with an average height of 5.9ft. It might be a small difference, but height advantage helps the quarterback a lot more than you think. Throwing the ball high could be the difference between a game changing interception or touchdown. Plus, Green Bay’s receiving team is more elite than the Pats. Two Green Bay receivers are in the top ten for receiving yards and touchdowns, and the only top ten receiving leader representing New England is Rob Gronkowski.
Rodgers might be able to win by 30 points and throw six or seven touchdowns in a game, but the truth is, he is not a solid quarterback against good teams. Any good quarterback can beat out a bad team, but a great quarterback can win anywhere and against anyone. Brady has beaten the two of the best AFC teams decisively, leading New England to 40 points in each of the games. Young quarterback Andrew luck is another example of a good road pivot. Andrew Luck might not win in away games, but his stats definitely speak for itself. Against Pittsburgh and Denver, Andy 770 yards, 5 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

In the end, if Rodgers loses at Lambeau Field next week, his MVP chances are gone. If he does win, but put up poor stats, the MVP race is also over. Either way, there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders.