The Race of Life

Written by Asha S.

It was the day, the day that could change my life. Eight people, eight lanes, all running to decide their future. I live in a big town, but the population is very small, so that we can grow crops and necessities to send to the Capital. My mom and dad did the same race as me when they were 18; they decided that they were going to stay in the outskirts and build a family in the town we live in now, Crick. My brother, also did the race, but he decided to go to the Capital where he is now able to build revolutionary machines and live the life of the rich and famous. I’m standing in the 4th lane and all I can think is… If I pick the capital route I’m going to have to run and fight to get to the top. The purpose of the race is to find the fittest and most strategic teenages that will be able to live the life of the capital, but you can also choose the route of not going to the capital and stay in Crick. If you decide to go the Capital route, you have to place at least third in the race. All of these things were going through my head as I was about to start racing when all the sudden the gunshot.

As I darted forward my heart was beating out of my chest, but it sank the minute I saw my parents waving to me. They had no clue that I wanted to go to the Capital and I think it would break their heart knowing that both of their children no longer want to be in Crick.

I am now in third place and the rows are getting thin; soon it will be two paths, one to Crick and one to the Capital. Dea, the girl in front of me has always been my competitor. Ever since we were little Dea and I have fought each other for first place. Zane the guy in first place has always been ruthless and does whatever it takes to be on top. Dallas the guy behind me has been my best friend since we started farming when we were nine. The two lanes grew closer and closer and when they were right in front of me I stopped almost as if a wall was in front of me; I could feel the air from everyone passing me. Four people went toward Crick and three went toward the Capital. Dea and Zane looked at me in disgust and as Dallas ran by, he said to me, “What are you doing, Lex? Come on you have to hurry!” The dizziness left my system and all I wanted to do is win.

Zane and Dea were now behind Dallas, but I knew that it wouldn’t be for long, so I stayed behind Zane. The lanes turned into dirt and the sky went from a bluejay blue to black like a raven’s feathers. There were obstacles and fortresses that we went through, but we all still stayed together. For a moment I thought about who was going to be the only one to not go to the capital and be the next disappointment in the town; what if it’s Dallas? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing he is here alone. I knew that I was going to have to knock one of these people out and it’s going to have to be Dea. I ran up to Dallas and told him my idea, “We need to outrun Dea, to get one of us out!” He nodded his head and started sprinting, I knew it was time for me to step up. It has been 25 minutes of fast running and Dea is not giving up. Once we reached the next set of obstacles I knew something had to be done. I leaped over wire and whipped mud in her face. She didn’t know what to do, so she kept on running, so I elbowed her in the stomach. After all of these actions she finally stopped. A feeling of relief was taken off and I ran the race with confidence that I was going to make it to the Capital. Yes, I did those things for my own happiness, but that’s the way life is.

As I am close to the finish line I see my brother. The clouds were still black and the buildings were dark. He ran up to me with his eyes big, but a very small appearance. He came close to give me to give me a hug and whispered in my ear, “Keep running.”