Snow Angel

Written by QueenChaos


 The first time Ace and Auroria met, Ace said something that she would never forget. His eyes widened and his face brightened.

“I finally found you, my guardian angel!” he had said. At that time, Auroria had no idea what he was talking about, she just thought that he was saying some really romantic thing. He kept touching his neck, on which resided a necklace. The necklace was of half a wing, which she was curious about, because she remembered having one of her own. She brushed the thought away, though, after they started talking about other things. Of course, after the first meeting, they had many meeting together, and finally they fell in love.

“Ace… I love you.” She smiled, hugging him closer.

“I love you too, Auroria.” They formed a circle together, encircling themselves with each other. “And I’ll love you forever.” That was 4 years ago.

The first snowflake of the year drifted down slowly so that Auroria could see every fragment, every jagged line that separated the crystal ice. She smiled. Christmas was always her favourite time of the year. The hubbub of people rushing around to buy presents, the bitter winds that lashed at your faces, making it pink, and the hot chocolate with mini marshmallows were just some of the many reason why she loved it. She also loved her boyfriend, Ace. But here was the problem. Her boyfriend absolutely hated the whole thing. He wasn’t usually a really mean person, he was fairly nice, fairly giving, fairly understanding, but for some reason, whenever the Christmas season rolled over, he would squint at the first snowflake and march back into the house. This particular year was no different. As Auroria smiled at the beautiful snow, Ace once again grumbled and walked back into the house.

“Aaaace! You can’t keep avoiding the Christmas season! All the joy and laughter will eventually get to you! Besides, this is the best time for you to invite your parents to come meet me! It’s been so long, I want to meet them!” Auroria yelled after him. He stiffened, and then just shook his head and walked back into the house. She stared at his retreating figure, his dark black hair swishing behind him as he walked. She shook her head. As much as she loved his eyes that held secrets, hair that was silky black, and fingers that were long and talented, she could not stand anyone who hated Christmas, so she decided that she would make him understand why she loved Christmas so much.

The next morning, Ace woke up and stretched. The moment he sat up on the bed, though, there was an enormous din.

“Aaaace! Aaaaace!! IT’S CHRISTMAS!” Auroria burst into his room. “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!” Ace stared at her. He loved her, but her Christmas Spirit was just too much to handle.

“Auroria,” Ace looked at the clock. “It’s 7am. I just… I just woke up.” Some of Auroria’s liveliness died.

“But it’s Christmas…” She mumbled. His dark brown eyes pierced through the air into hers.

“You know I love you, Aur, but it’s just… Christmas isn’t my thing! I don’t like it…” He protested. “You should know, especially you…” He mumbled the end so she couldn’t hear. She shook her head, and left the room. Ace sighed, if only he could like Christmas, like he once did so long ago. “I’m sorry Aur…” He whispered quietly after she had left. “I’m sorry…”

Meanwhile, Auroria had not given up. She had snuck out the night before, when Ace was still grinching about Christmas in his room. She had bought many balloons, and small Christmas tree, and even fake little presents on the bottom, which she had woke up bright and early to set up. All around the room, little santas were pasted on the wall, and dancing characters lit up the room. Auroria had also went into the trouble of buying, and setting up, Christmas lights. Outside the house, green and red lights dotted the fresh snowfall that was on the roof. She smiled. It was finally complete. Auroria looked around the room. There was something still missing.

“Hm…” Auroria sprinted to the kitchen. She quickly grabbed a mug and some hot water, and made two steaming mugs of cocoa. “Finally…” She collapsed in the chair. She sat there for some time, imagining the happiness in Ace’s face when he realized that she did this all for him! Finally, as the afternoon rolled over, and the hot chocolate was turning cold, Ace finally made his first appearance, all scruffy and messy. He looked around.

“What the…” His eyes widened. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE HOUSE!” Auroria stared at him, crestfallen.

“What do you mean? I did this for you, I did this for us! I thought you would be-” His cold stare stopped her short.

“For us? FOR US? HA don’t make me laugh, Aur,” He snarled. Usually his nickname was said in a teasing way, but she felt hurt this time as his ice cold words froze her very soul. “What do you know about me, huh? Do you even know why I don’t like Christmas?” Auroria, now stricken and scared, didn’t say a word. She just sat right back down and stared at him. “I thought so… You don’t know anything. Stop trying to change my mind; no one has ever succeeded.” With that, he left the room. Suddenly the warm festive aura became a few degrees colder. Auroria stared at the fire; why did he get so mad? She really tried her hardest, but she never seemed to please her. A tear slipped past her eyelashes. She thought of him, and them, and Christmas. Why? She longed to know.

“Please, if just by Christmas miracle, I could know what he was thinking, what he was feeling, that would be my only Christmas wish,” The moment her tear hit the her lap, she felt her surroundings shift. The air rippled around her, much like a drop falling into a pool of water. She stared out the window. The snow had stopped falling, but not really; it was suspended in the air. She rapidly wiped her tears. “W-what?” She suddenly remembered Ace. “Can he see this too?” She rushed to his room. Ace was lying on the bed again, his hand over his eyes. “Ace?” He didn’t respond. Auroria didn’t know if he was ignoring her or frozen like the rest of time. “Ace?” He laid there, still as a statue. She widened her eyes, and ran to his side. “Ace?? Are you here!” She closed her eyes. She didn’t wish for the world to stop, she wished to know why Ace hated Christmas! She wanted her Ace back! She touched him. That was either a really, really bad idea, or a really, really good one. As her fingers made contact with the tips of his hair, everything moved backwards, really fast. She looked as a younger Ace and Auroria packed back all the articles that they brought into the boxes and brought them back to the truck. Then, the whole scene changed. It started moving so fast that even she couldn’t keep track of everything. And then all of a sudden, it stopped. She was not in her home anymore, but rather in a little homely house.

“Aaaace! Darling it’s time to open the presents!” Auroria narrowed her blue eyes. Darling? She then saw a little boy around the age of 7 run past the corner and pass straight through her. She turned around. That was Ace? Ace of the past, little kid Ace? Mini Ace ran towards his mom and face planted on her waist.
“What did you buy this year mom? Tell me tell me tell me!” The contrast between little Ace and old Ace were very different, but I could still see the mischievous glitter in his eye and the little curl in his hair.

“It’s a surprise, just like every year!” His mom responded. He nodded, and they both ran into the room. Then, the scene changed, becoming the opposite of what happened. It was once again Christmas, but this time, Ace was a little older, and a lot more depressed. He was sitting next the the same Christmas Tree that was put up the year before, with dust speckling everywhere. He sat on the bottom of the tree, with the presents around the tree, layered thick with dirt. The door opened, and a nurse with a white robe walked into the room.

“What’s your name?” The girl asked. Ace remained silent, staring at the tree. The girl looked disappointed. She walked out of the room and closed the door. Behind the thick door, Auroria heard the muffled words that she said. “Nope, it’s all we can do to give him the food. He won’t move from that spot. He hasn’t moved at all since,” And then she whispered, barely enough for Auroria to hear. “since last Christmas.” Her partner responded.

“His mother really had a horrible death. It was Christmas too, and she was so young. It’s a pity his father left too.” Auroria stood there stunned. His… His parents died? Why didn’t she know! Then she remembered. All those times that she had previously invited his family to come over at Christmas, he had declined, saying that he had a busy family. He must have been hiding the fact that he hated Christmas because that was the day he lost his last family member. Auroria covered her mouth, scared that her sobs would cause Ace to see her.

She stood there for a long time, staring at Ace. Finally, after what seemed like hours, when all her tears had dried, she accidently sniffled a bit too loud. Mini Ace’s face immediately snapped to her, the first movement he had in a long, long time. As he peered at her, she felt strangely awkward. There was no way that he could actually see her.

“Are you my guardian angel?” He asked, and an eerie sense of déjà vu washed over her.

“G-guardian angel?” Auroria responded.

“Yes. I wished for one,” He spoke, and then suddenly stuttered. “W-why did she leave me?” And then his poke face broke. He was vulnerable and young and innocent, and she couldn’t help it but cry again.

“Don’t worry, one day you’ll find someone who loves you just as much your parents do. When you find her, she might not be perfect, she might not be what you thought of, but she will love you nevertheless. Never leave her.” Auroria responded. Little Ace nodded. It didn’t matter how old or young Ace was, at the moment, she loved more him more than ever before.

“C-can I hug you?” He asked. Auroria smiled through her tears. Ace’s background story was terrible, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t fix it. She didn’t respond to his question, but ran to him, and grasped him hard in her arms. His smaller hands grasped onto the hem of her blue skirt, and his tears bled through the fabric.

“I have to leave soon,” Auroria spoke, disturbing the silence after a while. “I need to go back to… Where I belong. I promise you I won’t ever leave you, I’ll be right here, as your guardian angel.” she patted his chest. Ace shook his head, grasping her closer.

“Don’t leave, please,” his voice hurt her chest. She remembered something. She patted the pockets of her dress, and found a necklace. One with half a wing of an angel. She was rapidly beginning to understand what Ace had said the first time they met. She draped it over his neck, and began to pry away from his grip. He quickly rubbed his eyes, and stood up.

“You promise you won’t ever leave me? I’ll remember you forever! I promise one day I’ll find you again,” he said, gripping the winged necklace.

“I promise.” Auroria replied. “One more thing, what do you want for Christmas?” He looked curiously at her.

“I’ve always wanted a toy train.” Auroria smiled.

“Perfect,” She turned away. “Oh, one more thing, you want to see me again, right?” He nodded ferociously.

“Good, then you need to leave this house, ok? You need to understand that you can’t let this one problem drag down your whole life. Ace, you have a lot to learn and to experience, and one day you’ll be happy again.” Ace sniffled again, the spark kindled in his bright eyes once again. He had something to live for. Closing her eyes, she felt time begin to speed up once more. Ace began to disappear, but not before she heard one last thing.

“I promise you I won’t forget you! When I see you again, I’ll know you!” his voice carried over the wind, and she smiled, but couldn’t help but let another drop of tear slip past her eyes. Her blue eyes closed, and when she opened up, everything was the same again. The moment she returned, she stood up. Then, she proceeded to rip every decoration and streamer from the ceiling and break every tiny Santa. While she was doing that, she didn’t realize that Ace was behind her watching her cry while destroying everything she had spent countless hours making.

“Aur, what are you doing…” He said, his bed-voice grumbling, his hair messy.

“I understand, I understand, I’m sorry!” Auroria yelled in hysteria. “I’m sorry Christmas isn’t good for you, and if you don’t like it we won’t celebrate it!” She continued to speak, tearing everything. Ace’s eyes widened, and he walked forwards and caught her arms before she broke another mini Santa. She turned around, meeting the dark abysses that were his eyes with her bright clear ones.

“Why are you doing this for me?” She wrenched her hands free, and reached for his neck.

“Do you remember?” She spoke.

“I remember. I also recall you saying to let the past events go, and to never let you go.” He curled his arms around her, much like the first time they confessed their love to each other. “You’re still my guardian angel. I’m sorry for being such a grouchy-pants at Christmas.” Auroria sobbed into his shoulder.

“I shouldn’t have forced you to like Christmas, I’m sorry…” She said softly, her voice muffled by his t-shirt.

“Well I can’t say I love Christmas, but if it’s with you,” he paused, shrugging, “I guess I could celebrate it.” She hugged him closer, and they stood there for a few more minutes, until she pushed away.

“Well that was truly a Christmas miracle.” She sniffled, giggling. He smirked.

“Yeah, and if you don’t mind me, I think the hot chocolate is more like cold chocolate now…” She laughed heartily, and placed him down on the chair and they both drank from their cups, the destruction of Christmas still lying all around them. Suddenly Auroria’s face brightened.

“TOY TRAIN! I need to get you a toy train.”

He looked confused for a second, before he remembered what he had said to his guardian angel so many Christmases ago. He laughed and pulled her closer, kissing her on the lips.

“I don’t need that anymore, but if every Christmas is with you, I want to celebrate each and every one. Do you promise you won’t leave now that I’ve found you?”

“I promise.”