By: Queen Chaos


Two hands, side by side,

holding each other by the ocean’s tide.

It rushes in, and rushes out,

but they hold on tight, without a doubt.


Waves crash on them, biting their toes,

But when they’ll let go? Nobody knows.

Perhaps it’ll be never, for eternity,

Or until they lose their sanity.


All they know is to grab on tight,

Because if they let go, they know they might

Never ever get another chance,

To find this type of true romance.

And so they do it, by the sand,

With nothing touching, but their hands,

Loving each other more and more,

Listening to the ocean roar.


But then one day, they realize,

That if they closely analyze,

Their relationship that they will find,

That they have just been completely blind.


For as they thought that nothing had changed,

The whole wide world had made them deranged,

And they could no longer tolerate,

Each other, and collaborate.


As days, and weeks, and months go by,

They start to lose it, their bonds, their ties,

until suddenly, suddenly, fingers slip,

until finally, finally, they lose their grip.


And just like that their love story is done;

Look there, another one’s just begun.