The Fading: Chapter 4

Silence was heard all around, as the words that Lanna had said etched themselves into their minds.

“Sorry, repeat that?” Martha said.

“He…It will…,” Lanna wavered.

“Will…” Jason urged, impatiently waiting for an answer.

“Never mind that!” She yelled, an aggressive tone taking on her voice. “It, they, whatever the drip is in those woods. They took my friend. And now, they’re taking more.”

“You act as if you’ve seen this…thing before.” Jason said.

Lanna’s face flickered with a hint of fear, then suddenly went back to normal. Only Marthus saw the blackness that hinted in her eyes. He recoiled.

“What is it, Mark?” Jason asked, anxiously.

“Huh, oh, it’s nothing… Never mind.” Marthus answered.

The three looked at each other, unsure of what to do next.

“What exactly do you know about this…this…” Jason stopped dead sentence.

His eyes flew straight to the window. It was impossible to see what was outside but the look of concern on Jason’s face was clear.

“Did…Did anyone just s-see that?” He asked, clear fear hinting everywhere. But as far as Marthus could see, his eyes were fine.

“Oh, would everyone just get a grip on things! There is no-one out to get us!” Martha shouted, no fear in her voice. “There’s a g-”

She was cut short. Suddenly, the room took an icy plunge. Everyone felt it, but not one person could explain how, that at that moment, all colour seemed to fade away from their vision. Marthus was beginning to grow more and more afraid of his uncanny ability to see peoples’ eyes. But his terror shifted to terrified when he looked around the room. Everyone’s eyes were dark black, except for Jason’s. Marthus had no idea what this meant for now, but it was pretty scary.

“What’s going on?” Jason shouted, clearly the most affected person out of all of this.

Martha reached into her backpack, and took out a thermometer.

“Geez!” She said. “The temperature is -10!” Something’s up.

Jason seemed to be a little recovered over his fears, and asked “Hey, where’s Lanna?”

Marthus walked around to the back of the room, he saw Lanna in a corner, fiddling with something. He was about to ask her something, when he stared at a puddle of clear water on the floor. He froze completely.

“No, please no.” He looked up, then looked back down again. “This can’t be happening!!!!”

In the puddle, was the reflection of himself. His eyes as black as ever. Marthus was scared. No, he was terrified. What was this with the eyes? When would he wake up? Why?

His fear was already at an all-time high, when he saw the puddle again. His reflection was gone! He blinked twice, and rubbed his eyes, then looked back. Nothing! But then, he looked one last time. It was back, but his reflection was facing the wrong way! It suddenly turned around, and said very silently

“Three days, Marthus.” It said, then smiled, a most inhuman smile. “See you then.”

Marthus jumped back, then realized Lanna had returned to the other room. Marthus ran to the other room as fast as he could go.

“We have to get out of here!” He yelled. “Something’s seriously wrong!”

Jason tried to get up, but suddenly was pulled back. The whole room was changed. What once was a fairly clean house, was now a mess. Paint peeled off the walls, and bits of wreckage and junk clogged the sides of the hallway. Marthus navigated towards Jason, but then Martha and Lanna stepped in front. When they spoke, it was one, simultaneous, haunting voice.

“It’s already too late Marthus.” They spoke. “Nothing you can do can stop us.”

Petrified with fear, He managed to speak. “You…you’re not Martha! What are you?”

“The time will come when you shall see.” They said together, looking into each-other’s eyes, then returning they’re gaze back towards Marthus. He looked at both their eyes. They were almost like a shadow in the room that was already dark as ever.

“You have three days.” They said.

“Until…Until…” Marthus managed.

“The Fading.”

“The Fading?”

“Enough! We already have one of you, and your friend will follow!”

Marthus backed up, as the two came closer, their movements eerily connected. Then something clicked in his mind: Chris.

“No…” He started.

But the two surged forwards, knocking him back. Stunned, Marthus crawled away. The two kept coming closer, step by step.

“What do you want?” He yelled.

He was answered with the sound of their feet approaching closer and closer. Getting more menacing as they came closer to him.

“Stop!” He cried “Martha, Listen to me!”

Their vision was trained on him, with menacing focus. They were almost upon him, and Marthus frantically looked around for another way out. Three more steps, and he would be…well…Marthus sure wasn’t keen on finding out what. He scrambled to his feet, and noticing a baseball bat beside the wall, he picked it up in a heartbeat.

“I’m so sorry Martha!” he yelled.

Just about to reach him, the two let out the most terrifying sound ever. It was not as much a sound as it was a noise. It could not really be explained. But before they reached him, Mark swung. He took them both out in one swing.


Marthus woke with a start. He was looking down at the puddle, in the same place he was before they came. His heart was beating at ten times it’s rate though, and his breathing was rushed. He stared into the puddle. His eyes were normal, but the room’s colour was not like it was. What just happened? He thought.

“Mark, are okay?” Martha asked from the other room.

“Well, I guess so…” He trailed off.

“You gue-” She was cut off again.

“We have to get out of here!” Lanna interrupted.

“Wh-“ Jason began, but never finished.

“It, them, they’re here!”

All of a sudden, the room’s lights flickered violently and the tables shook. A glass balanced on the table smashed to the ground, in pieces. The room flickered, and everyone could only see glimpses of things at a time. Then suddenly, Marthus saw Lanna and Martha in a corner, the way he’d seen them just a few minutes ago, black eyes piercing through the shadows. To Mark, time seemed to stop, until the entire room was plunged back into darkness and they were gone when they came back on.

“Get out of here!” Jason yelled, bumping into things as they rumbled towards him.

Ahead of him, Marthus saw Martha and Lanna running towards the door, and Jason following close behind. Marthus got up, and followed as well, but then tripped a few steps in and tried to frantically make it to the door. The whole room was in disaster, broken things littering the floor. Sprinting towards the door, he heard voices behind him, calling out for him, but not the voice of…them. Or whoever had manipulated Lanna and Martha. No, these sounded…human. And in danger.

Mark looked back, but all he could see was the blackness of the inside of the house. The voices cried out, calling, in desperation. At least a few dozen! Mark couldn’t ignore them, but it was all too much. He called out for the others, but no one seemed to hear him. Almost at the door, he ran as fast as he possibly could, ignoring his heartbeat of a thousand times a minute. He made it! The doorway, a light in the dark, so close, he could almost. Then came a cold hand that grabbed his shoulder. It reeled him back into the darkness. Mark could only scream one more time for anyone, as the door shut in front of him, and he was dragged down the dark, and unforgiving hallway.