Rays of Sunset


What does light look like? I don’t know. I’ve been surrounded by darkness for such a long time. Drenched in the screaming souls of the dead, I am not simply in the dark, I am Darkness. All I know are to follow orders; walk among the darkness, leave when the light comes. All my life I have followed the path of the moon, walking slowly but surely. I would never stop from my path, never hesitate to bring shadow into people’s lives.

But one day, while I was walking, I saw him. He, unlike me, was a brilliant flash of yellow. His hair were sparkling golden, and his fingers were slim and fine. He wore clothes that shone under the aura he was in, and there seemed to be a halo on him. So this was what light looked like? This what what they did? I looked at myself. Wearing dreary clothes, I was quite a mess compared to him. My matted long black hair was tattered and knotted, for I hadn’t cared about anything. In the darkness, you couldn’t see anything, and nothing could see you. But here he was, the only literal, and figurative, slice of light for me. I was still staring at him dumbly when he turned around. If I thought the back of his head was beautiful, well then that was only half the beauty. His eyes sparkled like the stars in my night, and, although I hadn’t seen much colours, they were the most beautiful shade of blue. While I was thinking of him, he had widened his eyes, and walked closer to me. Around us, suddenly, there was colour in my world. What colour was this? I thought there was only darkness or light? What was this new unfathomable colour that I had never seen before? I didn’t know what it was, yet it felt so familiar, so… right. I didn’t notice it until he walked towards me. Before I could say a word or move a muscle, though, the light disappeared. I saw him slowly receding back to where he was, but he looked unhappy. Like he wanted to do something, but something was tugging him back. I sighed, it was too good to be true. But as the endless nights where I walked wore on, I couldn’t seem to forget his face. I wanted so bad to see him one more time. And one dark night, I did. He was once again very far away, but I could see him walking closer and closer. Although I had zero experience with communication, I knew I had to say something.

“What’s your name?” My voice rasped. The I remembered, I hadn’t used my voice for more than a millennium. I suddenly wished I had practiced talking. For some reason, though, he didn’t seem to mind much.

“Cyrus… And yours?” Up close, he seemed much less godly and much more like me. Shy, tentative, and a little bit scared. Once again, an aura of the wonderful colour surrounded us.

“Nova,” I replied, “As in a supernova!” I smiled, the first time I had done so in a long time.

“That’s a beautiful name…” He murmured, blushing slightly. A warm rush filled me, something I had never felt in all of my existence. Who was he and why did he make me feel this way? I had no idea, but I liked it, and I wanted it more. I couldn’t speak another word though, because the minute I had decided that, I felt something latching onto my hip. What was this new sensation, that gripped me so tight. It was dragging me backwards, back to the darkness where I once was. No, where I belonged. I hung my head, and let myself be pulled back into the abyss. When I looked up, I was surprised to see that something had come over the boy, Cyrus, too. He seemed to be struggling against the invisible binds that slowly separated us. Before we truly parted, though, I heard him say something.

“I’ll meet you again!” he had said. I smiled, maybe the void I resided in would be more bearable with those words in mind.



What is darkness? I have no idea. I am always surrounded by light. Filled with happiness and laughter, I bask in the love of nature. Being eternally in blue skies and smiles, I am not only in the Light, I am Light. I should be happy, be thankful and blessed, but why do I feel like I’m missing something. A counterpart. I need someone I can love, my one true love, my other side. Someone to complete me. But what completes Light? I didn’t know, and I never could find out. All I knew to do was to follow the rules that had come to me, and walk among the Earth forever. Despite my cheery appearances, I had something, too, that kept me sad inside. I had no hope of ever finding someone else that was on my path. No hope at all, but yet one day, while I was walking, I found it; my hope.

I didn’t see her it first, for she was behind me, but I felt her. The normally blue and light sky around me changed into the most magnificent colour. I had seen the colour in trees before, the colour orange, but this was different. It had shades of a million other colours hidden inside. It had shades of love, of hope and of wishes. I turned around, and then I saw her. My breath caught in my throat. Torrents of black hair swept over her shoulders, ending near her hip. She wasn’t wearing fine clothing, yet she looked so beautiful. Her eyes glowed in dark purple. Her look was so intense I almost had to look away, but I couldn’t. I had to find out more about her. I walked closer towards her. She looked timid, as if she didn’t have a lot of contact with others. Before I could get far, though, I felt something tug at my back. What was it? What was this force that was keeping me and her apart? I struggled to move forward with no avail. The colours around us disappears into pure light, and I sighed. Of course, it was too good to be true. I shouldn’t have hoped, yet I could feel my heart hoping again. I couldn’t forget her magenta eyes in the darkness around her, and the shy look she gave me. I could feel myself blushing although she wasn’t there. I didn’t know how, but I had to see her again. Then one day, we crossed paths again. In the distance, I saw a familiar colour. Black. I was never happier to see a colour, or lack of one. I walked closer, this time I would properly introduce myself. I took a deep breath, and was about to speak, when suddenly,

“What’s your name?” She asked. Her voice wasn’t soft, but embedded deep inside it was a little seed of hope, just like mine, and that made her voice perfect. I smiled.

“Cyrus, and yours?” Up close, she seemed more friendly and less sad, more like me. Her violet eyes met mine and she spoke.

“Nova,” She said, and then hesitantly added, “As in Supernova!” And then gave me a little smile. My heart immediately exploded like fireworks. If her normal face already gave me sweaty palms, this was a whole new level. I had to think of a good response, something that was natural yet nice.

“That’s a beautiful name…” The words left my mouth before I could control them. I widened my eyes; what if she didn’t like that? I could feel colour rising to my cheeks. She nodded, and blushed too, and we stood there. Sometimes there are uncomfortable silences, sometimes there are bad silences, but not ours. The silence that had settled over us like dust resided there lightly, as if being so close together was already enough. If I wanted to, I could reach out and touch the waves of her hair. If I wanted to, I could skim the rosy cheeks that were hers. Nova, as in Supernova. That was a name I would never forget. As time passed by, a familiar touch hooked onto me. It was the invisible hand, pulling us further apart again. I narrowed my eyes, searching for the person who would dare separate us. Once again, I couldn’t see anyone at all. I struggled to find a way out of the vise-like grip, but when I saw Nova, I knew it was helpless. She was also prying at the monster, with no avail. Before we truly got torn apart again, I had to tell her something.

“I’ll meet you again!” I shouted, hoping that she would hear. Then I succumbed to the invisible beast. Once again, I walked alone in sunshine, but this time I had hope. I knew her name, and I knew what she looked like. I had met her twice, so there was no way I couldn’t meet her again! And I was right. I had figured out that the faster I walked, the faster I would meet her, and so I ran. After the two encounters, we met many more times, but each time as short and fleeting as the last one, always ending with us being pulled apart. As time wore on, she became more talkative, and shared with me her thoughts and feelings. I, in turn, told her all my secrets too. And all that led to today. Today was the day I would tell her my true feelings for her. We met as we usually did, panting and whatnot, since both of us were sprinting to find each other. Then we contemplated what it was that had been tearing us apart, and that led to now. Sitting back to back. Her facing the moon, me facing the sun. Our backs are touching, sending a tingly feeling down my spine.

“Nova,” I begin, looking around us, “I like being around you a lot…”

“Me too,” She responded, lifting her head up at the colours, “I want to stay this way, with you, forever.” I blushed, the redness returning to my cheeks. “When we’re together, we make even the skies change.” This was about the time when the monster came. I didn’t want it to cut our conversation short, but nevertheless, it would come. I tensed, and waited. Nothing happened, so I decided to take a leap of faith.

“I love you,” I blurted, before I could keep myself from stopping. “I had been trying to find the missing piece of me all those years, and here you are. I love the times you spend with me, although they are short and quick. Despite those short times, I still managed to fall in love with you.” She stayed quiet for some time, and then spoke.

“The colour sure is staying longer this time,” she murmured, pulling her knees up. She tilted her head towards me. My heart fell, this was all she had in response? “I think… I think I love you too… My world was bleak, uninteresting, until I met you. You brought all this,” She waved around the sky, “into my world. Whenever we’re together, we make… We make this!” She motioned to the colour yet again. She finished her talking, and we once again leaned back to back, each on our own sides, but yet together.

“Yes,” I agreed, “When we’re together, we make the rays of a sunset.” And at the moment, I swear, no colour had ever looked as beautiful as orange.