A Small Lie

Written By: Aurora Cåmpiøn




Mama’s good boy never lies,

Let truth be heart, villainy dies.

Straightens his shoulders, rises his eyes,

Fairest judge of black and white.

Years gone by, perception grows,

Patches of grey stain his sights.

Villain dies not, yet handled by praise.

How glisters cover the filthy dirt?

Puzzled, then lured

To taste the jackpot,

Oh, just once.

Tension at chest, sweat in breath,

All eased out, except

That guilt’s left, buzzing still.

A small lie

Don’t do nothing.

Just have no more.

But can’t help.

Reach out for that remedy,

Once, twice, already,

It inlays in him, becomes part of him.

Glad he is, that

No guilt could dismiss his leisure

Until that drug punches back,

Overwhelms him with the debts he had to pay.

Mesmerizing, addictive, seemingly recoverable lies,

Saved him once, harmed him more.

A small lie,

Is nothing to blame.


Are not all to blame.