Blind Annihilations





There is so much
anger pain agony injustice self-discrimination neglect confusion
and all its synonym-brothers hand-in-hand with them
strolling through the world,
sheltered by our words and lies and un state of being.

t o o   m u c h   n o t .

And how do we get rid of all this
anger pain agony injustice self-discrimination neglect confusion
and somehow right the wrongs?

(Can we even / Are we supposed to?)

We are a people
                               stuck on self-destruct;
mere nanometers away from
pressing down on that red plastic button
and obliterating everything in this world we’ve created
(that was created for us, long ago)
and all for the sake of temporary desires
of the fucking present.

We are stuck on self-destruct.

We are a people
                               there is only one human race
and only one home for us in this wide uncharted universe
with its uncountable unknowable mysteries
that we strive to uncover because
we know 
that we will self-destruct some day
and hey,
why bother pulling our hands away from the big red button?
that will only be less p l e a s u r a b l e
                                               and so much more t r o u b l e
             and who’s gonna be left to clean up more messes anyways?

You see the little bits of gleaming metal
– well, no, you don’t see; you can’t see it. but
it’s an essential part of what’s become essential parts
of our daily lives – in what you’re holding / touching / using?

They were paid for in sweat and tears and blood

And it’s too complex and it hurts our heads
– because with joy comes sadness and pain and gain walk hand in hand –
but how do we fix this?

We need to fix this – This needs to be fixed

And it’s so hard to see the truth behind all these piles and piles
of papers and newspapers and tabloids and
bolded headlines and italicied small print
that we never really have the time for to read carefully
and listen to carefully and u n d e r s t a n d
and think and do something about anymore
because the world is changing too fast and it is getting harder and harder to keep up.

Maybe it was
This way. 

Is this the natural succession?
The natural elimination
of the weak for the preservation of the strong?
Should we leave be and let be
And hope our demise shall not be as in-avengable and undignified and unremembered
as our world’s?

We are blindly
turning a blind eye
to the destruction
of our lives. 

And we don’t even know about it
Or know enough, or want to know, or care enough,
And there’s too much unexplained and even more that’s un-explain-able.

But who cares, right?