Boyhood : A Review

 By Leily

This movie review is about Boyhood, disclaimer I will not be worshipping it and saying what a great project it was because it wasn’t. Ultimately, I thought the project was pointless; a waste of 12 years that could be spent making movies that would make a difference. Honestly, as the movie progressed, it was as if they were giving up, leaving loose ends here and there and leading the main character to an ending that didn’t even make sense; I mean it ended in the middle of a conversation! They tried to make it slightly more philosophical by making the main character (Mason) explore “deep” topics that didn’t make sense and sounded more like he was constantly on drugs. The transitions between scenes where he changed ages were choppy and very visible; perhaps this was the intended effect, but the way they started (in particular when he turned fifteen and is randomly in the back of a friend’s car doing who knows what) in many cases just didn’t add to the plot.

The language in the film was appalling, random scenes where bullies just started spouting profanities without provocation and some words so ridiculous that they seemed made up; it was disturbing to watch. I guess it could be argued that the film targets the realities of life: how women lack the brain capacity to choose a suitable husband and guardian for their children, the exposure children have to drugs and their lack of communication with their parents, and that rebellious care free attitudes get you into university, but it felt real to the point of surreal. The characters were detached and not relatable, with Mason’s acting degrading as he aged.  The mistakes and atrocities that Mason went through on his “journey” seemed overdramatized. One does not make a good story by portraying its characters as drunk, high slackers with no hope for redemption. We did not feel sympathetic—we felt revolted and disturbed, regretting spending precious money and time on a film that was certainly not worth it. How it was considered for any Academy awards remains a mystery to me. Overall I recommend not spending money or anytime on it, as there are so many great movies out there that are actually worth seeing.