So this is love?

Written by Queen Chaos

Featured Image by Eti

So this is life?

Walking around by yourself, forever alone in your work?

So this is them?

Sparkling eyes, beautiful lips?

So this is nervousness?

When your heart beats fast and your palms sweat when you see them?

So this is obsession?

When you find yourself dreaming about them every second of everyday?

So this is liking?

This new and unexplored feeling?

So this is falling?

When you can spend endless hours talking on phone but not have a moment of silence?

Or have moments of silence, filled not with awkwardness, but with content?

So this is desperation?

Talking about anything, everything, hoping to make the conversation last?

So this is a secret?

Holding hands discreetly through the hallways and stealing kisses in hidden corners?

So this is happiness?

Going out on picnics on summer evenings?

So this is the beginning?

Announcing to the world the feelings you have, with them, together?

So this is love?

Summed up by everything that has happened?

So this is a wall?

Stopping him and you from getting closer?

So this is anger?

Knowing that you two can’t last?

So this is pain?

Knowing that he betrayed your trust?

So this is sadness?

Breaking your heart with every word he says?

So this is regret?

Taking back the words you said in your mind?

So this is loneliness?

Being alone in the world which was once filled with colour?

So this is hatred?

The sensation of a thousand unshot bullets?

So this is heart wrenching, knee weakening, mind bending love?

So this is what it feels like, to love someone, and not be loved back?

So this is what it feels like, to know love?

So this is love?

Knowing that although it’s unrequited love, you still love neverless?

If this is love, I don’t want it.

If this is love, I hate it.