Thanks to the DReam Teachers: A Rap

Thanks to the DReam Teachers: A Rap

By Taylor Ball, Jess Chang and Maddy Chang

The Teachers!The DReam Team and our Outreach leader, Dylan!

Here’s a thank you and a shout out to all our favourite teachers.

You’ve supported us through and through like fans on the bleachers.

Big thanks to JLO, Byrks and Spoole for teaching us how to teach in school.

Let’s play contact!


Our trusty friend and nurse

We thank you in this verse


We’ve seen you at your highs n’ lows.

But your smile always makes us glow


Your counting skills might not be up to par

But your kindness always raises the bar

1, 2, 3 Contact! JLO!

Now, on to Byrka

Before we only saw you as a teacher in class.

Now we know you as a friend with a wicked baseball pass.

We loved it when you busted a move,

Even though you didn’t want to groove.

Your math skills might make you a champ at crib,

Even though SPOOLE & JLO claim you’re a fib.

Last but not least, SPOOLE!

Your confidence in crib inspires us all,

But when you do lose it’s a pretty bad fall.

Your rules of life are cherished each day.

Your wisdom and humor lead the way.

You teach us to be grateful & disconnected.

You encourage us to improve and be perfected.

Teaching is harder than we expected,

Your roles are now well respected.

We’ve shared a lot of good memories on the best of trips.

We will each leave with a smile on our lips.

We’re glad you decided to come with us,

And thanks for your undying faith and trust.