IN FOCUS: Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston?

Drafting quarterbacks is not easy. This position is hard to evaluate and no matter what, it is always a high risk pick. However, this position is essential for a team to succeed. Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston are the highest rated players of their positions, but which player is the better pick? Experts insists Winston the better choice, but Mariota is definitely the better choice for teams looking for a captain. Winston’s decline in his senior season and his off field issues raises a big red flag that his Oregon Rival is the better choice.


Jameis Winston had an impressive 2013 season, throwing 40 touchdowns, winning the Heisman trophy and to top it off achieving a National Championship against Auburn. If that wasn’t enough for you, he won the MVP award in that game, however, the consistency wasn’t continued in his second season. Since Winston only played two seasons of college ball, and flopped badly on his second season, for instance; he threw a ratio of 18 interceptions to 25 touchdowns, what does that tell you about Winston? Let’s put it this way, say you are a teacher at a major university. You need a grade 11 report card and a grade 12 report card to apply. If a student applies to your school with a fantastic 11 grade report card but a terrible 12 grade report card, would you accept him? Of course not. He hasn’t proven his consistency with his studies. This is Winston’s situation. Consistency is the major problem. His resume only has one good report card, definitely not good enough for a first round pick. Brad Hundley and Bryce Petty have better stats in their four year careers in college, while being consistent all four seasons. They aren’t considered “better” than Winston, but they both have better resumes than him. Why aren’t they a top 10 pick? Why aren’t Brad Hundley and Bryce Petty competing against Winston and Mariota for a job for teams needing a QB in the first round?


Marcus Mariota, however, is the complete package. He is a pocket passer and mobile QB hybrid whom will be a threat on offense whatever system he plays for. He’s averaging over 30 touchdowns every season at Oregon and hasn’t thrown more than six interceptions. He is also fast on his feet, which can help him escape the pocket and his off-field work is also very well known.Being a good football player isn’t just what NFL teams look for, for example; Mariota is always volunteering for charities. Winston however, committed numerous felonies since arriving at FSU. Mariota’s character also help boost his draft stock.


Lastly, FSU is filled with talent that has helped Winston thrive.  CBS sports released a list ranking the top 100 prospects for this year’s NFL entry draft, and aside from Winston, there were three players on offense that were featured on the list. One of the players was a star wide receiver while the other two were offensive linemen. These two positions are essential in helping a QB thrive. Mariota, however, only had one teammate on offense that was on the list – an offensive guard. He does not have a wide receiver or tight end. No weapons from oregon will be selected in the first and second round. This insists that Mariota can thrive even without the help of a thriving squad.  He can fit in any system in the NFL.  That is why Mariota is the better prospect. His palette of different skills makes him adaptable in all kinds of offenses. He has a great character, so the team he gets drafted to doesn’t need to worry about DUIs and arrests. If I was on the clock and I need a QB, Mariota would be my selection. Unfortunately, I do not have cash to purchase a NFL team and the skill to operate one, so its the GMs call: Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston. Either way, in the next five years, one of them will be playing at the most elite level, while the other one will be sitting on the couch or the sideline watching the other. After all, drafting quarterbacks is not easy.