Is Facebook Our Friend Or Big Brother?

By: Asha

I look out my window past the trees, past the buildings and past the mountains; all I see is blue skies. When I was little that would excite me because I knew my mom would let me go play, and the sun could shine on my hazel skin, but now it’s really just a bore. I love being in my room, with my bed, my thoughts and most important my computer. I scroll down the feed of my Facebook and see what is going on around the world. My whole family communicates by using Facebook, so it is the main source to be able to talk and see them. I also don’t use a lot of privacy settings so that my friends that I met on my trip around the world can find me easily.

I got up from my chair to get ready for work and all of a sudden a bubble pops-up on my screen. It says “If you would like to continue using Facebook, please click enter.” Of course I would like to keep using Facebook!

I jump in the shower, because now I am in a rush. I keep hearing my computer buzzing and assume it is my sister telling me to remember it is my parents anniversary tomorrow.

When I get out of the shower I see that there is a light flashing on my camera which is located at the top of my computer. I look to see if my camera is on, but it’s not. I try turning it off and it keeps flashing. As I slowly pick up my phone to call my sister pictures of my family and I start popping on my screen, phone calls, flights, school records. What is going on!
My phone starts to vibrate, I answer it.

“Jamie don’t agree to anything on Facebook, they are tapping into everyone’s computers!” My sister yells in a frantic voice.

“Wait, there, what?” I say in a frantic voice.

She says again “Whatever you do, don’t agree to anything on Facebook!”

I end the phone call in a panic. My heart starts beating and my throat gets dry. All of my personal information, all of my deepest darkest secrets, in the hands of people I don’t even know. How could they do this to me? I look at my privacy and settings to see the policy of my personal information. No one ever reads it, but maybe I can find something that will help me to get all of my information back. As I scroll down to the very end I see four big words in bold.


My screen turns black, and the flashing stops.