Remnants | 4

Harry awoke floating upside down, surprisingly, for the most part, unharmed. The gravity generators were offline, and slowly, as his vision came back to him, he saw that there were others who were less than lucky. At least three were dead, Harry thought, by the looks of their injuries. He pulled himself along, and then shifted upright. He looked down at the navigation controls, and glanced at their location, then was alarmed both by the fact that they were nearly 1000 light years from their previous location, but perhaps more from Commander Fargon.

“Report!” He yelled, suddenly awake.

Harry realized it was him, then glanced back at the navigation screen.

“We’re in an unexplored sector of space, almost 1000 light years from Talabar Prime.” Harry replied

“What?” Fargon replied, “Helm, set a course for the Talabar system.”

“It’s no use,” Harry replied, “he’s dead.”

Fargon was now wide awake, and drifted over to the captain’s elevated command chair. He pressed a button, then spoke.

“All sections, report in.” He commanded, to no answer.

“Repeat, all sections please report in.” His voice was more raised this time, and Harry predicted that it wouldn’t be long before he burst.

When no one replied, he finally did. “All sections, all sections, if you can hear this, I bloody well can tell you that you better respond right at this moment, or else I’ll-“

He was interrupted by a heavily static response. “Thissss issss engineering.” A reptilian voice replied, sounding almost annoyed.

“I jussssst came around.” Harry recognized it as Kavan’s.

Harry wondered why the Ra’kanith elaborated the “S” consonant. He had heard of an old Terran reptile they called a “snack?” No, not that…A snake! Yes, they were associated heavily with that letter.

“I tried to ssssave Jassssson.” Kavan said.

“Did you succeed?” Fargon asked.

“He isssss unconsciousssss.” The Ra’kanith Replied.

“I’m on my way.” Fargon said.

An unconscious bridge officer woke up at that moment.

“You have the bridge.” Fargon told him.

He waved in reply, barely awake.

“Harry, you’re with me.”

Harry followed commander Fargon through the corridor at the back of the bridge, which separated the command section from the rest of the ship. The Corridor ended with a sealed blast door, and led to the navigation room.

There were more bodies, though none were dead, by Harry’s glances. The circular room had seats all around it, and in the center was a large holographic projector which flickered slightly. The middle of the room was filled with detailed, 3D images flashing all sorts of information on orbits, spatial anomalies, and animations of solar flares and comets.

Harry noted to himself that the system’s star was a neutron star.

“We have to get to the medical bay.” Fargon said. “Come on!”

Harry and Fargon ran down the corridors, and then turned a corner.

“There it is.” Harry said.

Fargon pressed a button and the door split into an opening with a hiss.

Inside, there were already several people urgently running around. A dark haired woman dressed in blue medical scrubs seemed to notice Fargon, and walked over.

“Why didn’t you respond?” Commander Fargon asked. “We-“

“The Communications network in the Medical bay didn’t work; we could hear you, but we couldn’t reply”

Fargon took a deep breath, looked down at his feet, then looked back up. “What’s the damage?” He finally asked grimly.

“23 dead, 32 wounded. All the casualties so far have been from crashes, except for him.” The Doctor said.

“It’s Jason.” Harry said.

“He was working on something up in the Sciences module.” She answered.

“There are several injured on the bridge, can you get them?”

“We’ll do our best, but we have our hands pretty full now.” She then hurried back into The Medical bay.

“Let’s get to the Sciences module, Harry.” Fargon said.

Harry was about to reply, when suddenly, a bridge member came crashing into them. He looked as though he’d seen a ghost.

“Commander!” He wheezed. “There’s a ship that just jumped in this system. We’re seriously outmatched!”

“Let’s get to the bridge!” Fargon said, and they all took off.

The bridge was aflare with activity. When Fargon entered, they all stood up in respect, then continued back to their urgent tasks.

“What’s the deal with this ship?” Fargon asked.

“It appears to be a class 7 ship of some kind, though it doesn’t appear to be showing any lifesigns!” Grinda, the Sciences officer replied.

“Class 7? That’s one big ship.” Fargon said.

Harry went to his Sensors station, and sat down. He overhears what had just happened. Class 7? The Relentless was only a mere class 2! He scanned the ship for any sign of weapons. He looked hard at the screen, then his eyes widened.

“Commander, raise the shields!” Harry yelled out.


“Just do it!”

“Well, you heard ‘im lads!” Fargon echoed, or rather loudly echoed.

Almost instantly, the shields were brought online, and a massive blast hit the side of the ship. Fargon was thrown over the commander’s seat, and onto the walk behind the pilot’s chair. He winced for a second, then started to haul himself back up.

The pilot turned to help him up, but Fargon protested.

“Red alert!” Fargon yelled, pushing the pilot back to his controls. “All hands to battle staions!”

All throughout the ship, the crew was running to get to their stations. The red alert basked the corridors in a haunting red light, and blared menacingly.

“Get something between us and that ship.” Fargon said. “Navigation, get us the coordinates we need, and get them fast”

“That last blast took out almost half our shields.” A bridge ensign said.

“Then let’s not take another one.” Fargon answered. “I don’t plan on just running away. Let’s see what they’re made of. Prepare to fire all cannons turrets, and torpedoes on my mark.”

“I have a lock sir.” The weapons officer said.

“Wait for it…” Fargon said.

Harry noticed the same energy patterns beginning again.

“Commander, they’re firing again.” Harry said.

“Give it to ‘em!” Fargon said with utmost fortitude.

The ship shook as the six heavy pulse turrets pounded away. From the bridge viewport, a cascade of bright, searing plasma beamed at the behemoth warship ahead. The Torpedo launchers fired glowing orbs of highly kinetic energy, ripping through space at blistering paces.

As the crew of the Relentless gazed at the mysterious ship, Harry looked up, and saw the other vessel firing back.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” He said.