John is not the brightest child in the world;

Not the most athletic,

Not the most intelligent,

Not the most good-looking or inspirational.

Everytime he goes to school, he is tempted to cheat;

To plagiarise,

To falsify his accomplishments or pretend to be successful.

All because the world expects him to be smart;

To be a star;

To be that perfect student.

But he will not cheat;

Not plagiarise,

Not falsify his accomplishments or pretend to be what he is not.

He chooses not to take the route of a cheater;

A liar,

A facade of perfection or a puppet of expectations.

Because he believes in self-respect;


Responsibility and earnestness.

And although he will never be the most athletic;

The most intelligent,

The most good-looking or inspirational.

He will stay true to himself;

Create his own identity;

And remain loyal to his credo.


By: Spencer Kwok