IN FOCUS: Deflategate Is A Giant Mess

Deflategate is a Giant Mess
by Steven H

Although the NFL went through some pretty tough “gates” in their history, none of them are as damaging and embarrassing as “Deflategate”, which is a story that is sweeping the nation. This controversy began when the NFL discovered that the Patriots had tampered with the footballs by deflating them to gain a competitive advantage in the AFC Championships against the Indianapolis Colts during January. At first, it was no big deal. However, after more evidence was gathered, this was on the headlines of every newspaper in America. Everyone is either taking shots at Tom Brady, who was “responsible” for deflating the balls, or supporting him by doing all kinds of stupid stuff that will make you think, “what is wrong with our society?” The course of the 2015-2016 NFL season will dramatically change, Tom Brady’s legacy will be damaged and the image of the NFL and Patriots fans will be deflated (hahaha I’m really funny) just because of 11 footballs lost some air. This scandal is all but a giant mess.

Have you guys heard about Ireland legalizing gay marriage? You might, but a lot of people don’t. Why? It’s because that’s not what the media is covering. Most of the newspapers in America are making immature jokes about Tom Brady’s footballs, with satirical drawings or rants on TV. The media can’t get enough of this deflategate stuff, because what could be more important? Who cares about gay marriage or Polish elections? A deflated football is way more interesting!

This scandal continues to prove that the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is not very good at his job. He suspended Ray Rice for two games because he knocked out his fiancée in an elevator, Josh Gordon for year because he had a few beers, and Tom Brady for four games because, and I quote, “More probable than not”, knew about the inappropriate activities done by the New England Staff. So according to Goodell, RKOing your fiancée is not as worse as “having general knowledge” of cheating nor having a few Budweisers. I’m not an expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure that beating up your wife is worse than drinking and knowing about someone deflating footballs. This adds to a gigantic list of confusing punishments from the man upstairs. Le’veon Bell, the Running Back for the Steelers was suspended three games and 137k for PEDs, while Bills Defensive Tackle Marcell Dareus committed the same crime, but he was only suspended for one game and fined a whopping $474,000. Back to deflategate, the Patriots were also fined One Million Dollars and were forced to give up a first round draft pick and a fourth round draft pick, even though the entire organization (all but three people) knew about the football tampering. Also, Tanard Jackson was suspended for the entire 2014 season because of PEDs as a second offender, but Laron Landry only got 10 games and he was a second time offender as well. You don’t need to be a scholar to know that this doesn’t seem right. Goodell might as well use The Price is Right Wheel to decide the punishment.

Deflategate did do a lot of damage to the Patriots, but the New England fans seem to care more about this than Mr.Kraft himself. All over Social Media, fans are defending the “Half man Half God” Tom Brady and saying he’s innocent. On May 12th, four fans were arrested at the NFL offices because they handcuffed themselves and sat in a circle in the NFL lobby. On May 23rd, over 300 fans held a Free Brady protest in the parking lot at Gillette Stadium. (don’t they have a lot of time) A company went the extra mile and made Free Brady Tees that you can buy for the cheap price of $28, if you are into that stuff. (batteries not included) Still not enough? Well I saved the best for last. On, there is a campaign to raise one million dollars to help the Patriots pay off their fine. So far, fans have raised 16 thousand dollars in a span of two weeks. Some have donated 500 dollars. Why? because a football franchise in one of the biggest cities in North America that is worth 2.6 billion dollars and owned by a top 800 company in the USA cannot chip in one million dollars. I’m also guessing that people also donate to this “cause is because there is no other important Gofundme campaigns out there. Why should we donate to help a new family buy a new house or pay for a man’s kidney dialysis when we can help a multimillion organization by paying their bill?