Remnant | 6

By Brubek Coltrane

Dr. Laura Brigga strode down the narrow corridors of the Relentless at a blistering pace. Red lights were flashing and the red alert signal blared all around. The entire corridor bathed in a red light that strobed the floors. Her white coat billowed behind along with her striking purple and white hair. Shouts and echoes in all sorts of tongues echoed throughout. She stopped as she heard Captain Fargon echo on the comms “Condition red! We are set to engage”

Uh Oh. Brigga thought. That meant a battle was about to begin, and she would no doubt be needed in the medical bay for that. Two weapons officers rushed by, then turned a corner and dashed off to a the forward weapons stations. Brigga was headed for the Sciences section, and ran as fast as she could go. Suddenly, Commander Fargon’s voice echoed over the speakers again, more urgent though. “Brace for impact!” He yelled.

Brigga didn’t even have time to grab onto anything as the ship shook violently from a massive hit to the port side. She was thrown to the side, and hit a wall. She looked up, blurred form the hit, and saw many voices beginning to become more and more panicked by the seconds. Unscathed though, She pushed through to the end of the corridor, and into the lift.

“Sciences.” She said, “And step on it!”

The lift soared through the decks in seconds, hissing open at the sciences module. The first thing which struck Brigga here, was that it was extremely hot. Looking over at the computer consoles, She saw her patient. Jason.

“You came!” A tired looking engineer said, as he sat down on the floor, and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Brigga motioned the engineer to the side, and immediately surveyed Jason’s injuries.

“Looks like a serious hemorrhage, caused by extreme exposure to heat.”

She injected something into his neck, before hooking up some wire to packets she had brought. She stretched something around his head, and applied many shocks.

“This should stimulate neural activity and prevent further brain damage.” Brigga said to the disheveled engineer.

“We need to secure him.” Brigga said.

In moments, this was done.

“Now we nee-” Brigga said.

The whole ship shook, and part of the hull was ripped away, right under Brigga’s feet. The Engineer and her went flying through the hull breach. Brigga frantically reached out for a hold, and then found one. The Engineer grabbed her foot, as debris and equipment was sucked out. The Engineer was yelling something, but Brigga couldn’t hear. A large piece of computer chunk that was partially electrified came soaring past Brigga, but hit the Engineer. Screaming in agony, he released his grip, and flailed violently as he was hurtled into space.

Brigga reached for the comms signal, praying that it would work, and screamed into it.


> > >


“Hull breach in the Sciences and Engineering sections!” Harry said out loud, hearing Dr. Brigga’s frantic screams on the comms. “Sealing off decks now.”

“Commander, one more hit like that, and we’re space dust.”

“I know, I know.”  Fargon said, as if being told that it was time for dinner.

“Is the FTL drive online?” Fargon asked.

Harry swiped twice, stared at a data screen, then answered. “Yes, but I would not recommend it.” He finally replied.

“Commander, detecting massive power surges in the vessel’s core, they’re firing again!”

“Take us on an arcing path directly past the ship!” Fargon Yelled. “Vector angle 35.6 degrees, 3 point 7 march 6.”

“Aye sir!” The helmsman adjusted the course. “But-.”

“Wait,” Fargon said. “Not yet.”

“Fargon,” Harry said. “There’s another surge of energy! They are firing again.”

“We can’t take another hit, we’ll be obliterated!” The weapons expert, Va’lak who was a Ya’vak, or the more aggressive version of the Grethoran, said.

The bridge viewscreen was illuminated with all eyes focused on the growing beams of energy surging from the massive leviathan.

“Engage the FTL Drives!” Fargon roared.

“We need at least one more minute to charge it up!” The Helmsman said.

“Prepare to avoid the incoming fire.” He said calmly.

He slowly lowered himself onto his seat, and clamped down on the seat rests, his knuckles turning white from gripping them so hard. He looked up.

He turned to the rest of the bridge, a sudden calm over him. “This is not a fight we can win.”

> > >

Brigga’s grip was slipping, and the module was rapidly depressurizing. Brigga frantically looked around, for something, anything that could get her out of this dilemma. No, there was nothing, she slowly gave up her grip, and flew backwards, but hit hard onto the floor. No, still alive. They sealed the breach! A glowing blue containment field was all that separated her from a vacumm death. She jumped back startled, as the shield flickered.

It isn’t going to hold for long. She thought. Looking back, she saw Jason. Hurriedly, she ran over to him. He was semi-conscious, and starting to move. I need help. She thought. She walked over to a comms station, and contacted the Medical bay. There was only static in response. Well, shoot. She thought, as she turned back around. What? Jason wasn’t there. Dr. Brigga looked around hurriedly, but didn’t see him.

“Jason?” She called out. No response.

The sciences module was dead silent. She scanned the room, looking for Jason. Nothing. He must have, woken up. Laura thought. She stepped forwards, over debris and spilled chemicals. Have to be careful. She thought. Where the blazes is he? She thought again. She looked behind quickly, then in front again. A droning sound suddenly went off, followed by a hum that went down in pitch. Laura looked up, then heard a loud snap. The entire module was plunged into darkness.

Laura froze. In the pitch black, only the haunting glow of spilled chemicals lit up the windowless room.  Damn! She thought as she realized she didn’t have a flashlight. She looked down the long room, but couldn’t see an exit. She stared down the darkness, and saw a door at one end. She stepped over a pool of chemicals, and then stopped dead.

A laugh echoed throughout the module. Not a happy, fun laugh, but a laugh that sounded a lot more sinister. Laura whirled around in the direction it was coming from, her heart rate soaring as her anxiety grew. In a corner, a shadowy figure stood, looking down.

“Jason?” She called out.

the figure looked up, but only half of his face was illuminated by the glowing reaction of chemical solutions. A smile grew across the figures face, but it was clearly not out of joy. He started to step forwards, and she saw that it was Jason indeed. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw it was only him.

“Oh, it’s you.” Laura said. “You scared me there.”

Jason just kept walking closer.

“Jason?” She said, a little anxiety showing through in her voice.

Jason laughed as he ran straight for her.

“Jason what the he-” She managed to say, before she was pinned against the wall.

Jason pinned Laura to the wall by her throat. Gasping for breath, Laura cried out in between struggled attempts at breathing.

“Jason….Please….Stop.” She whispered.

Jason’s face showed no sign of that though, as he smiled sadistically as his grip tightened.

Laura kicked and grabbed at Jason’s arms, and he wavered a second. Laura heaved in air, but Jason only came back stronger. She was losing vision, and her desperate attempts of surviving were proving futile. She was going to die!

A massive surge of energy shook the module, throwing jason back. Dr. Brigga wasted no time. She reached into her lab coat, and rushed at Jason. Quickly, she injected a tranquilizer into his neck, and watched the anger and confusion leak out from his eyes as he hunched over. and fell.

Exhausted, Laura fell onto her palms, and rubbed her throat. just then, the lights went back on, and shortly after, the doors hissed open.

A confused pair looked at the scene.

“What happened?” One of them asked.

Laura stood up, and shook her head, saying  “I…I have no idea.”


> > >


“Shields are at less than five percent!” Harry said. “I don’t know how we survived that hit, but one more, and we’ll be space dust!”

Fargon was standing up, and yelling at various stations on the bridge.

“Helm, evasive pattern gamma five-six!”

The ship rocked to the left and then right, drifting downwards as she gained momentum.

“Commander!” Exclaimed a science expert. “FTL drives are online!”

“Engage them now!” Fargon demanded.

The bridge view-windows closed, as the ship prepared to jump past the speed of light.

“We are ready on your mark.” A bridge member said, no even looking up from his screens.

Fargon watched as the viewport windows shut, then turned to face the back of the bridge. Wiping the sweat off his forehead, he gave the command.

“Punch it!” He said.

The Relentless roared as it hurled past the behemoth metal ship, and far out of sight.