A Story

After a night of horrible sleep, I got out of my comforting bed, and with my eyes half open, I looked over at the alarm clock which sat on my night stand. Horror shook my body as I saw the three red numbers: 9:53. Oh my… school started at an hour and a half ago! I thought, as I stumbled over to my curtains and parted them, blinding light flooding into the room. I threw on the first crusty, stained shirt that I saw, and dressed as quickly as possible, stuffing an apple into my backpack as I went. I was certain that I had missed first period, and I just so happened to have my math unit test that block. I jumped onto my bike, pedalling furiously. Upon arriving, I thrust it against a wall, and sprinted into class, just as the teacher began to collect the students finished tests.

“Cut! Take two.”

I woke with a start to the beeping noise of my alarm clock and pulled my covers off. Glimpsing over at my night stand, I saw the time was exactly 7:00. I had more than enough time to get ready. Lazily, I stretched on my bed, slowly got dressed into my fresh, crisp clothes, and brushed my hair and teeth. Then, I slowly made my way downstairs and munched on my favourite rice krispies cereal while scrolling through my phone. Feeling full, I put my dishes into the sink, hopped onto my bike and began my slow and leisurely journey to school. I neared the school, and carefully locked my bike up on a rack, walking confidently into the nearly empty classroom. Peering at my watch, I smiled: I still had an extra half an hour to review my math notes.