In Due Time

In Due Time
by John Smith

In due time,
the last words Mila would ever hear from her mother.
A war torn country,
separates mother and daughter.
In due time,
the war will end.
The city fades in the distance,
as Mila flees along with other petrified civilians.
Now they all have one goal in mind,
fleeing to the promised land, their haven.
Europe is what they called it,
and so floods of refugees ventured in, including Mila.
Europe welcomed her with open arms,
offered her food, offered her shelter.
But she needed something that they couldn’t give to her.
Her family was what she craved the most,
missing them was like missing a part of her.
But she knew,
she’d reunite with her family,
that part of her would come back.
It would come back in due time.