It’s 7:42


the sky is an array of pinks and blues

a mess, like my grade three art assignment, or a tie dye project gone wrong

yet it still looks so right, seamlessly working together

somehow it also graces my instagram feed

with an avalanche of photos that look like carbon-copies of each other

but every photo is still different, like snowflakes

no two photos are alike


It’s 7:43


the mosquitos are slowly getting to me

crawling up and down my legs, but I pay no attention

mesmerized by the skies beauty  

I know I will regret it tomorrow as

the cool breeze rolls in, nipping at my rosey cheeks

making me cuddle deeper into my jacket, eyes glued on the descending sun


It’s 7:44


the sky is now a blur of oranges and blues, bleeding together like sharpies on paper

but sun’s warmth still surrounds me, reminding me that I’m not alone

and the sunset is so bright, making me squint my eyes

yet I can’t decipher anything in front of me

like I’m clueless about what’s yet to come in the following days


It’s 7:45


my mind is like a blank slate, all the memories from summer

are showcased in an art gallery on a fancy canvas on the first week of school

but when new memories form

and all the traces of summer are shoved into a dark corner

fading like the sun-kissed tan I got

forgotten, never to be seen again


r.i.p 2 my summer