What to Watch: New Series Fall 2015

Editor’s Note: These shows are not suitable for all audiences. Discretion is advised.

Written by Rachel Y.

For TV-aholics, the last few weeks of September is like the Super Bowl. We wait months catching up on shows, reading spoilers, and anticipating the most exciting news: which ones of the most anticipated pilots will be picked up. If you don’t know, a television pilot is a standalone episode that creators pitch to a network. Usually the episode will be only revealed by a small synopsis to viewers, while TV networks will get to test it out. If the show gets picked up, then we get to watch it.

So, when all the new shows that have been picked up start to bring out promos (mini-trailers), episode press releases, and casting news, the television fanatics of the world come out of our caves (rooms) from binge-watching and catching up on TV, to beginning to watch live TV, most likely in another room in the house– (so really we’re not coming out of our caves at all).

The new series this fall 2015 season look promising, all reminding us of familiar characters/aesthetics/shows/plotlines that we love. Here’s what’s worth watching:

  1. Scream Queens (Fox, Sept. 22)


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From the creators that brought you Glee and American Horror Story, comes a show that basically Glee and American Horror Story combined together. There’s no singing or extreme twisted gore (yet), but it brings the comedy of Glee and the stylistical excellence of an American Horror Story season. Scream Queens focuses on a sorority, Kappa Kappa Tau, that is getting a hard time from their university dean because of the strange events that occur in the Kappa house, which brings out an even bigger

mystery that happened 20 years before. Although it’s quite hilarious, beware it can be a little twisted and scary at times. From the star-studded cast (Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele) to the perfect tone-setting music, Scream Queens is sure to be a hit.

  1. Supergirl (CBS, Oct. 26)


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We all know the story, but we haven’t seen it in live-action television form. Melissa Benoist (Glee), stars in this adaptation of the comic with the same name. She is the perfect fit for this girl-power character. Although it won’t be released until later in October, from the promos and the released first 5 minutes of the pilot, Supergirl looks like a well-written, feel-good show for all you superhero lovers.

  3.  Quantico (ABC, Sept. 27)


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ABC has picked up multiple dramas, but Quantico is a standout among them. Quantico follows a group of young FBI agents who are at a training facility in Quantico, Virginia. Through flashbacks, the pasts and reasons of why the young agents joined the FBI are revealed. It is shown in a flash-forward that one of the young agents, will be suspected for being responsible for a massive terrorist attack since 9/11 post graduation. The idea of the show seems to be complex and exciting and will definitely touch on current events which will keep it relevant. I’m looking forward to finally watching the pilot!

Hope that you can all check out these shows. Let us know what you’re watching this pilot season in the comments below.