Don’t Panic

Don’t Panic
by MJ

Don’t panic, don’t panic, I tell myself. That only makes me panic more. My fingernails dig into the cold, dusty ground, and I clench my teeth together as hard as I can.

I can feel its hairy legs gently tickling my calf; some people would call this monster graceful, but not me. I am lying on the solid ground, unable to move and scared that it might bite. I wonder how it would feel to have its chilling pointy fangs dig into my calf. I shudder, close my eyes; don’t panic. I could make a run for the glossy webbing, but I hate the sticky feeling of invisible thread warping around me almost more. I am stuck in a rather odd cave, covered in an intricate design. My mind, once again, is racing, my heart thumping so hard I can’t stop it. I feel like my chest is on fire, my body is moving and I can’t control it. What do I do? And then I go cold. My body stops moving and I shudder. I am now in an ice bath, numb, but free of pain. I peer down at my calf. Oozing scarlet blood drips and swells from the gushing cut in my bony leg.

The spider has bitten, but I no longer care. The venom of the evil creature courses through my veins. I am free. I let my eyes close and go to sleep.

I sleep for a very long time.