Save the World

Walking through the streets littered with trash, I wonder how hard it would be to cut out all plastic from my life. Water bottles, plastic packaging – almost everything has some kind of plastic in it. This is where I started thinking, ‘I wonder if I could do this.’ No, I couldn’t do this; no online ordering,  no nearby food that has a speck of plastic in it. People around the world do this, so why is it so hard for me? Maybe it’s because I was born into a generation where wrecking the environment wasn’t a big concern, or maybe because of my own behavior of never sticking to things. Even though I hate seeing the world fall apart, and animals getting hurt, I can’t seem to start something that might better the world I live in. No matter how many ted talks or group gatherings around the world there are, I can’t seem to get motivated. I’m not the only one who cares and can’t seem to do anything that will help our world.


I’m not a leader, and that’s why I’m hoping someone might step up start something, anything, that might make me want to help. Those are some pretty high hopes, but I still believe it might happen. Little steps always lead towards big ones, and starting by picking up a few pieces of litter can help a lot. Whenever I see a environment video, I feel so guilty, because I know I can do better. I love animals, and what we are doing to the world hurts so many of them. Although I don’t plan to do a big awareness announcement I still care whole heartedly about the planet, and I want to try and make it the best world I can. I might want to go up to someone and yell in their face, telling them to stop creating more garbage, but that would be horribly ironic, since if I saw myself I would want to yell at me too.


To make myself feel a bit better I have decided to bring my own bags when buying anything, and to cut out plastic water bottles. This resolution will hopefully help me with curing my guilt of laziness. I believe everyone can make a change if we try hard enough, we all have the capability of doing something good. I have trust that someone will be a leader – for me, and for everyone.


By Colette