Colts Are Just Hype

Steven Hu

Last June, the Colts were supposed to be the best team in the NFL. The free agents they acquired were supposed to take Andrew Luck, arguably the best qb in the league, to the next level. However, that was far from reality. Although it is only the first quarter of the season, Luck has been arguably the worst quarterback in the league. With a league high seven interceptions and the lowest QBR in the NFL, Andrew Luck is playing the worst football of his career. It’s only going to get worse from here.


In the next five games, the Colts will  play against four teams currently undefeated, the Broncos, Falcons, Panthers and Patriots.  Also, Luck will have to face some of the league’s best DBs, including Chris Harris Jr, Desmond Trufant, Devin Mccourty, TJ Ward and Aqib Talib. Luck will also face some of the best defensive lines in the league, and any QB who does not have a good OLine to protect him will suffer great consequences. The Colts have one of the worst OLines in the league, allowing eight sacks and a league high QB hits. This statistic will not help when they face the Patriots and the Broncos, as they combined for a total of 21.0 sacks in only seven games.


Andrew Luck and his poor performance are’n’t the only thing that’s causing turbulence in Indiana. The running game is also terrible. Veteran RB Frank Gore was supposed to fix the terrible rushing game for Chuck Pagano(HC), but so far, seems worse than before.  The Colts have one of the worst rushing offenses in the league, evident by accumulating only 221 yards in total.(25th) and fumbling four times, tied for the most in the NFL. With a poor passing game, and no running game to lean on, the Colts offense doesn’t seem as potent as once thought .


Lastly, let’s look at the mess on defense. Any successful team needs a good defense, and the Colts desperately need one.  Allowing 387 yards per game, and only five sacks in total, the Colts have league low stats when It comes to stopping offenses.  To top it off, the Indy secondary has allowed a total of 1072 passing yards and 478 rushing yards. Again, both league lows.


The Colts offseason makeover was a total failure. Pagano was only given unnecessary offensive weapons when they needed linemen and linebackers. Andrew Luck is projected to make the leap to become the best QB in the game although he has  problems to fix. The Colts need drastic changes, or they will finish dead last in a division featuring garbage teams like the Jaguars, Texans and Titans. And If you watched any football at all, that’s pretty embarrassing.