Cut, Take Two

Cut, Take Two
by Ivy Zhang

She dragged her exhausted self onto the bus and plopped down on the last seat available, her mind blank as she watched the scenery speed by outside the window. Then the bus stopped once again, and as the doors opened, a young man on crutches made his way in front of her with great effort.

He looked at her hopefully, but she pretended not to see how he was longingly looking at her seat. She was drained and couldn’t bring herself to give up a precious seat to this young man on crutches. Plus, there were other people who wouldn’t mind giving up their seat, she thought, as she turned her head and avoided his pleading look.

Then before she knew it, the bus suddenly lurched and the next thing she saw was his body flying across the vehicle, landing with a thump in a pool of crimson.

Cut! Take two

She was exhausted from work, and she couldn’t be more elated when she saw the last seat on the bus and flung herself on it. Relaxing into the cushions, she turned her head and watched the road go by as the bus started moving again. Soon, the vehicle stopped at the next station. She watched as a young man on crutches struggled on before stopping in front of her.

Reluctantly, she pulled herself away from the comfortable cushion and gestured towards it. Her action was returned with a smile of gratitude as he sat down, and the smile suddenly made her feel better. She was exhausted, but the man on crutches needed the seat more than her. Instead, she smiled back and held onto a handle. When they finally pulled up to her station, the man mouthed, “Thank you,” before she stepped off the bus.