A Closed Door

A Closed Door 

By: Anon

‘Should I knock? Would they open the door for me?’ Charles thought as he paced outside the closed door. He didn’t know what to do. But he needed it… He needed to ask. What would he do without it? Charles’ hands wringed behind his back and his pace quickened.  ‘What if they refuse? What if they say no?’ Charles thought again and shook his head.He furrowed his eyebrows in concentration and bit his fingernails. ‘They will probably judge me…’ Charles cheeks turned red at the thought and he bit his lip. ‘Ok…I have to do this!’ He took a few more quick steps, a deep breath and then stopped at the door.

Trembling, his small hands reached for the doorknob and pushed the heavy door open…

“May I please have some extra ketchup?” Charles stepped out cautiously from behind the door and squeaked.

The lunch ladies smiled and gave Charles three bags of ketchup.