The Wait

Written by Celina L.

I sat with my hands in fists, squeezing so hard that my knuckles turned white. My heart was thumping loud, and I was sure that everyone in the room could hear the hammering that reverberated in my eardrums. Slowly, shakily, I drew in a breath and my lungs expanded with relief. My foot tapped the ground in an uneven rhythm and my quivering lower lip found its way between my bone-white teeth. As I waited, foreboding dread crawled onto my skin. It was everywhere. It was everything. The sense of fearful apprehension was pouring out of my sleeves and my clothes. It was only a matter of time before they could smell out the weakness that was coming from me. Thinking about that only made it worse. I looked around, my eyes darting and my shoulders tense. My jaw was only seconds away from shattering. I felt faint. And then I heard my name, a whisper at first, in the background, echoing, before it grew louder and louder and jarred me out of my thoughts.

It was time.