Two Pairs of Eyes

By Colette D. D.

Two pairs of eyes looked down to the floor of the hallway, not wanting to be noticed- constant desire to blend in. Her smile was merely a shadow and it slipped often. Her eyes were filled with hopelessness, and her face was as pale as chalk. She was plain, but just pretty enough so that nobody payed attention to her. She stepped silently into her classroom, sweeping through the seats and settling herself in a small corner. Three minutes before the bell, unnoticeable, just the way she wanted. Her smile faltered, but she forced it back up as she pulled open her book. She got lost in fantasy as she read further, and she almost forgot about the nightmare of school. The bell rang, and the teacher started to talk. She drifted away again, but this time she didn’t need a book to dream about princes and princesses.
Just as class starts, it ends, and she leaves silently. Classes went on with the same repetition, she would walk in, listen silently, and walk out. It didn’t bother her, she prefered the solitude to her damaged family at home. She kept everything silent, and her emotions closed up, keeping herself locked like a deadly secret. When all her problems started, she swore to herself that she wouldn’t break and let her locket be opened- no matter how much she wanted to. As soon as she graduates and saves up for college she can get out, and free herself from the burden on her shoulders. For now, she lives her life, day after day, maintaining average marks and succeeding at being unnoticed. But as she moved through the crowd, she would think of what it would be like to have parents who loved her unconditionally, and with friends following her around. That would never happen, she thought to herself, and surprisingly, she felt sad. She wanted to have parents who would comfort her when she cried, be happy for her when she got an “A” on a test. It was still hard to accept that it would never happen. For now, she hoped her hardest, and looked toward the future.