Two Sides of the World

Written by Alli Ham


I wake up to see the sunrising enhanced by the purple and pink ombre surrounding it.

I wake up to a pitch black sky with barely a moon shining.


I wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the bacon frying on the pan.

I wake up to a still silence because no one’s around to greet me.


I wake up to a perfect american breakfast right on the table when I come down.

I wake up to an empty fridge and my stomach rumbling.


I wake up to parents who love me, waiting for me patiently.

I wake up to spider webs and rats.


I wake up to a Tesla sitting in my newly painted garage.

I wake up to a dusty pair of shoes sitting on the bench that I sleep on.


Where I live there are no mistakes, no sadness, no disappointment.

Where I live there is no happiness, no love, no hope.