Double Chocolate Donut

Double Chocolate Donut

By: Choco


Here we go again.  Another day waiting and trying to look nice for all of the humans hoping that a nice looking one chooses you.  The store was just about to open.  The employees carried me and my brothers and sisters on a big huge tray.  I could hear the voices of my cousins yelling at the staff to be careful handling them.  I was lucky today, the woman who was handling my brothers, sisters and me was very gentle.  My favorite part was about to happen; our tray was about to be slid into the presentation case. I could hear the “clinking” sound as the metal tray met the rollers.

“You look really good today Choco,” my oldest brother said to me.

“Oh gee, thanks.  They really did glaze me up extra today didn’t they?” I could feel some of the icing beginning to melt a bit from my blushing.  

“Hopefully today will be better than yesterday!” my younger sister said to me.

“Haha, yes hopefully Doubs,” Doubs giggled and went back to her position.  I began to move to my own position right after my sister Late and in front of my brother Ble.

“Everyone make sure you’re in your positions! We’re opening up,” my older brother yelled to all of us as he got into his position right at the back.  With that, we were open! Our first customers were two teenage girls.  One was very tall with blonde thick curls.  She went into the line first.  “This one must be hungry,” Ble said to us.  We all laughed even though on the inside we were all frightened that she would pick us.  We know better than anyone that if someone is hungry it means their stomach is empty, which means that they’ll have no one in there to talk to.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” The lady who carried out our tray asked.

“Hi, can I please have a…medium hot chocolate,” I sighed with relief.  I was so worried she’d order one of my brothers or sisters.  I looked over at my sister Late and could see the relief in her dough.  However suddenly, the girl’s voice came back.

“Can I also have a donut please?” Oh no, oh no, oh no! She’s going to order one of us.

“What do we do? What if she orders one of us?” Doubs yelled but my oldest brother sternly snapped at all of us.

“Calm down! If she does that’s okay.  Sure, it’ll be lonely for the rest of the day, but in the middle of the night we’ll come right back here, and see each other again.” We dropped a bit of our icing with a sigh of relief.  “Thank goodness!” I thought to myself, even though I still knew I didn’t want to be picked just yet.

“Yes of course, what kind?”  The girl went silent as if thinking.  Her eyes were darting down on all of us like a big huge flashlight was pointed at us straight at our weaknesses – our empty middle.  Sometimes you felt jealous of the cookies and muffins.  They didn’t have a giant huge hole in the middle of them.  The worst is some of our lucky parents and aunts, they grew out of the hollow space.  One day that’ll be us!

“What do you think I should get?” The girl turned around and asked her friend.  Oh no, not another indecisive girl.  Those are the worst.  Her friend shrugged.

“Okay, I’ll go with the honey glazed please.”  Every single one of my relatives sighed with relief except for our honey glazed cousins.  We all gave a goodbye to Hon a girl about my age who got picked.

The next girl came up, this one had dark brown hair that was put into two braids.  She said that she was pretty full which was never a good thing.  The only thing worse than someone who’s starving is someone who is full.  If someone is full it means one of two things: either they’re not going to finish you and throw half of you in the garbage; not a pretty site.  My oldest brother once had that happen to him and he didn’t return for three whole days.  Or of course, the alternative which is that someone else eats you.  That one’s horrible.  You could be gone for a whole week or more.  To our luck this girl didn’t dally when choosing who she wanted.

“Can I please have a vanilla dip donut?” I looked over to our vanilla dip cousins.  Illa was the one who got taken.  I saw some of the sprinkles fall off, she must’ve been really upset.  I would be too if I was her.

The day went on: customers came and went until finally it was my turn to get chosen.  I wasn’t scared or afraid, I was lucky.  The person who chose to have me was a young kid.  He looked average: not too hungry but not very full.  I gave a good farewell to my brothers and sisters and told them I’d see them tomorrow and off I went! The little boy smiled when he got a hold of me.  Ah! This is one of the best things about getting picked by a young kid.  They have the same amount of excitement as you do when eating you.  I didn’t enjoy their sharp and pesky teeth and gross silvia filled mouths, but it was better than braces.  Oh my! I won’t even begin to tell you about braces.  Whoever invented them clearly didn’t think about our feelings.  I was ready to go, the little kid began pulling me closer and closer to his mouth and with one strong bit I was beginning to go!