Shattered by Denouement

As I feel the cold breeze bounce off my skin,
I realize this day won’t be the same.
My heart races when people pass by me,
I let my eyes close for a few moments,
Slowly I open my piercing brown eyes,
Skies of grey, emptiness surrounds me,
I am alone in a world where there is
Tragedy, heartbreak and strong passion.

I walk, straight, to a small patch of flowers,
Discoloured and lifeless like a bunch of rocks,
I see the potential in the plant,
Once a colourful creation,
Now a misfit in it own fair way,

I leave, wandering the grounds of the earth,
Each step is like the ground could shatter right underneath me,
But I know it won’t.
A cold breeze nips at my skin,
While a warm feeling sprouts up inside me,

Hair as brown as sweet chocolate,
Eyes like the head of a mushroom,
He walks, proud, smiling,
Is he alone like me?
Or is he surrounded by his peers?

I stay clear of him,
Hoping that I won’t have to face him.
I’m too late,
His eyes meet mine, I smile,
Nothing happens, he just walks on.

Why do I feel such discomfort?
It is a feeling I’ve never experienced before,
Admiration and rejection,
It is like he sees right through me,
Looking through my hollow eyes….