By: Alicia Tai

Silver, the cup he got for winning the race,

Faster than the other runners, he ran with haste.

Silver, a tornado when he’s running on the track,

He ran faster than everyone; that was a fact.

Silver, his wishes as he walked back home.

When an unsuspecting vehicle passed a danger cone.

Silver, the speeding van driving into danger,

Turning a corner and straight into the stranger.

Silver, the smell of the hospital bed,

Everything he saw made his heart fill with dread.

Silver, the flash of a dream he couldn’t achieve,

He lost it with his leg, and silently he grieved.

Silver, the gleam in the eyes he saw,

He trusted those eyes, and he lost it all.

Silver, the clink of coins on the ground,

Sitting on the streets, in misery he drowned.

Silver, the light bouncing off a sharp knife,

Red staining his hands as he takes another life.

Silver, the state of his unstable mind,

Pushed, pulled, right over the line.

SIlver, the sound of sirens piercing his skull,

The world around him turning to null.

Silver, the memory of a dream he once had,

Silver, when had it gone so bad?

Silver, the gun clicked, cocked to his head,

Silver, the bullet, and he dropped down dead.