Book Review: The Indigo Spell

Book Review of “The Indigo Spell” by Richelle Mead
Written by Amy Pan

After a mediocre beginning to this series, picking up The Indigo Spell was not, needless to say, a priority of mine. I am relieved and content to report that the magic is back–no pun intended–again for the Bloodlines installments, which follows the issues that Alchemist Sydney Sage encounters as she tries to protect her companion Jill, the heir to the vampire throne. Filled with action-packed scenes and heartwarming interactions between the characters, The Indigo Spell was engaging and much more entertaining than the previous novels. Wishes were granted, needs were satisfied, and improvements were definitely made.

As a character personality, Sydney is at long last starting to become somewhat interesting. The storyline is transforming to suit the things she is skilled at, with less time focused on everything that showcases her irritating traits. She truly comes into her own as she blossoms into the type of character readers love and hoped she’d develop into: strong-willed, assertive, and willing to stand up for her beliefs. There is finally enough description and detail to grant vivid, visual images, and the hidden sarcasm and clever wit actually had me chuckling at one point.

However, being the picky reader that I am and always will be, there usually is an aspect or two in every novel that I dislike or feel needs improvement. In this book’s case, the fact that numerous vital characters in previous installments were more or less shunned here is perplexing. Playing such crucial roles before surely must lead to significance or relevance later on–but it definitely was not perceived that way by Richelle Mead. Furthermore, I still haven’t familiarized myself with the author’s rather juvenile writing style, and found it as uneven as sailing on stormy seas with a snapped mast.

The Indigo SpellWith all that being said, The Indigo Spell has the most action and romance out of all the Bloodlines books released so far. It made the world that we first learned about in Vampire Academy even more vast, therefore widening our perspectives and peaking our interests. There were many surprises and revelations, undoubtedly leading to another novel that, hopefully, will progress successfully. 3.75/5 for a promising continuation to the Bloodlines series.