by Anonymous

He peered out the door with wide eyes and quickly pulled his head back inside again. He shuddered and gripped the black plastic bag tightly in his hand. Why does he have to do this? It is so dark out there, what if a monster grabs him? Who will know? Who can save him? The bag seemed to start to slip out of his grip and his breathing fastened. He imagined himself going outside… If he takes one step out this door then immediately a monster would grab his foot and eat him alive! He wouldn’t even have time to scream to call for help. No one is around. No one trusts him when he says there are monsters outside.

“Alvin?” his mom suddenly called, coming down the stairs, “why are you still here? Hurry up!” 

“But..but..” he was too scared to move. 

“Just go!” His mom said impatiently and suddenly pushed him out the door!

Darkness greeted him and hungrily surrounded him. He was alone. He turned around but the door was closed behind him. Alvin froze on the spot and couldn’t move another muscle. Any moment now..any second now…

“What are you doing?” Suddenly the door opened again behind him, “Alvin, come on.” his mom furrowed his eyebrows at him and urged him to move.

He started walking in baby steps, afraid to leave the small light zone that the open door had created. He tried to make himself as small as possible, maybe that way the monster won’t even notice him. His knuckles turned white and the black bag was scrunched up together. 

“You know what, this is so sad to watch.” His mom sighed and started to put on her shoes, “I’ll throw out the garbage for you, maybe I can get you to wash dishes instead from now on,” she said. In three large strides, she grabbed the garbage bag from Alvin’s gripping hands and threw it into the garbage bin beside the porch.