Two Views From WWII

Two Views from WWII

By: Emily H.


I am 18, I’ve been enrolled in the military for 3 months now.

I am 18, I haven’t seen the light in 3 months.

I was born a Nazi,

I was born a Jew,


At sunrise, I awake for work,

At any given time I awake, as I do not see the sun rise,


I live in the Saint Nazaire Submarine Base,  in the heart of France,

I live in the closet of a christian family, the outskirts of France


I eat three meals a day, to keep me strong,

I do not eat often, a loaf of bread every few days is enough to keep  me strong.


I am a lion, on the hunt for the prairie animals concealed within Christian homes,

I am the animal the Natzi’s are hunting,


I have a collection of guns, in which I am allowed to bring with me,  

I have a collective fear of all guns, they come after me,


My lungs burn from the laborious work I do, but physical pain only makes me stronger,

My lungs itch for real air, not the dust polluted closet life, but emotional pain makes oxygen seem meaningless,


I feel no guilt when I find a Jew, only pride when I pull the trigger,

I feel only guilt  when I am here, only fear for the lives of others and mine,


Step after step, It is Bastille day, the family is watching fireworks, and I think I found another hideout,

Breath after breath, It is Bastille day, the family is out watching fireworks, and I breath in the sweet oxygen from an open window,


I see a silhouette in the window, I found him,

I see a silhouette of a soldier across the field, they found me,


I run towards the house before he can escape,

I run to my closet, to pray, to hide, to live,


I thrust open the door, my lungs and heart racing alongside adrenaline,

I hear the door, my lungs craving air, my heart racing, adrenaline pulsing through my veins,


As though he wants me to find him, I see the closet, I got him,

As though I can hear his thoughts, He sees the closet, He got me,


With a smug smile, I thrust the door open,

With a saddened tear rolling down my face, I see him,


I place the gun to his head,

He places the gun to my head,


I pull the trigger,