What Would Happen if You Acted Like Yourself?

What if you acted like yourself?

Stephen Cao


What would happen to you if you acted like yourself? To stop pretending and stop doing things just to fit into today’s fast paced society? Would you get rejected from the people who you call “friends”? Would you get teased and bullied at school? Pretending to be someone else is like walking a long tightrope a kilometre up the sky without a parachute, but people will know. If someone looks deep into your eyes, they can still see your small and frightened soul with a mask of someone else. They would send you falling out of the sky, and with each moment you fall, it would be harder to get back. You don’t have to hide in the shadows. You don’t need to spend your time with someone you dislike. But when you fall, your real personality would gleam out your chest. Your true personality would be as pure and clear as a lake made by diamonds. Before you slam on the ground, a hand would reach up to catch you. And that would be the best feeling you would ever feel. It is never too late to start over.