Baby Don’t Cry

Baby Don’t Cry by Katrina Kang

There I see him, with another girl,

Looking at her the way that he should be looking at me,

His eyes filled with admiration and love,

With his arms wrapped around her under that same tree

Just by looking at them embrace,

I can still feel the times that his arms were around me like that,

Him whispering sweet nothings into my ear,

I wish that could just go back to those days

I know that I should have rejected him the first time that he approached me,

But as I glanced into his chocolate brown eyes I knew that I couldn’t,

And each time he was near, I felt those butterflies in my stomach,

And every single time he touched me, I melted like putty in his hands

What is love?

Somehow we kissed, under the cherry blossoms,

When our lips molded together it felt so right,

The electricity surging throughout my body; I know that he felt it too,

And before we knew it, nothing could break us apart

You were the man that always stopped the time when we were together,

So you were Peter Pan and I was Tinkerbell,

And every minute with you was like walking on clouds,

In the endless days in Neverland

But we all know that nothing lasts forever,

And soon you started getting distant, your ‘I love you’s’ never seemed like enough,

And each time I looked at you,

It felt like you were looking at someone else

Such a beautiful liar

So one day I finally looked back,

Just to see another girl,

And this is the worst way to find out that,

The person you love doesn’t love you back anymore,

It felt like you gripped my heart, ripped it in two,

And left me there with nothing,

So were all those times that you said,

You only had eyes for me, a lie?

Yet did I know that this would be,

The last time we would hug,

The last time that we would embrace,

The last time that I would call you mine

It hurts

So with one last parting kiss to your cheek,

I walked away, slowly,

Part of me wanting you to run and grab my hand, not wanting to forget you just yet,

But the other part just wished to erase every memory of you from my mind

And as the bittersweet tears started to roll down my face,

I glanced backwards, just to see you,

Holding your cheek, gazing at me, then you quickly train your eyes at the ground,

So I started to walk faster, the tears slowly blinding my vision  

I know that letting you go,

Would be the hardest thing to do because I still want you,

But staying with you,

Would be even worst

Because of you

So I try step into a new chapter of my life,

One without you in it,

Yet I still need you,

And no other person can fill the the empty spot that you left in my heart

Because each time I close my eyes,

I still see your faint image in front of me,

And every time I see you,

My heart still beats even if you aren’t holding me

And no matter how hard I try,

My heart still aches for you,

Even if I see you under that same tree,

With another girl in your arms

I promise you, that I will get over you, but now is not that time