QB Index by Steven Hu


Steven Hu

As of Tuesday, November 3rd, half of the the NFL season has been completed. For the first time in league history, there are four undefeated teams headed into week nine. This year, many quarterbacks displayed incredible QB performances, but also weak passing attacks. Now at the halfway point of the season, let’s take a look at the trigger happy league. First at the good, and then the ugly.


1.Tom Brady

2015 is the year where Brady cements his status as the greatest of all time. He has thrown the most touchdowns in the league, while throwing two interceptions, although one wasn’t his fault. He is non-stop annihilating every team that he has played this season, throwing for over 300 in most, if not all of his games; he is certainly on pace to break the single season passing record.  Unleashing his anger on deflategate, Brady led the Patriots to become Super Bowl contenders once again. So far, his fantastic season has convinced millions that we will see him in Santa Clara on February 7th 2016.
2. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league, skill wise-there is no doubt about it. His athletic ability,  good arm strength and pin-point accuracy makes him deadly. Without his no.1 receiver Jordy Nelson and Eddie Lacy in the backfield, Rodgers began the season by dropping the Seahawks 0-2. Rodgers also picked up right where he left off in the season opener against the Bears, where he threw for 189 yards and 3 TDs to continue the Green Bay dominance in the NFC North. Although consistent for most of the season, the Green Bay gunslinger had trouble combating the Rams, Panthers and the Broncos. Although struggling in Carolina and Denver, Rodgers is still on pace for a fantastic season. I expect to see some green jerseys in Super Bowl 50



3. Philip Rivers

Rivers is doing fantastic, considering that the supporting cast is not providing any support. Key players on the Chargers are lost to injuries,  including the most recent injury to their  no.1 receiver, Keenan Allen. With no run game to add some spice to the offence, Rivers is carrying the team on his shoulders. Despite these obstacles, the San Diego quarterback has thrown one of the league high completion rate and yards and 19 touchdowns. Unfortunately, the Chargers are sitting at a 2-7 record, and they continue to reinforce that football relies on all 53 bodies to win games

4. Andy Dalton

To be honest, I thought Andy Dalton was going to continue being a terrible passer at the beginning of the season. However, he proved me and other fans wrong, by staging a statement season. The Bengals are sitting at a comfortable 8-0 so far, thanks to this red headed slinger. With the strong receiving core consisting of AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and a strong backfield of consistent running backs, the Bengals constructed their offense yet.

5. Derek Carr

Derek Carr is one the best draft picks the Raiders have made in a decade. Last year, with nothing to work with, he managed to throw for 21 touchdowns and 3270 yards and lead in passing yards and touchdowns. This year, the Raider’s management finally found the right pieces to build this team with. Drafting Amari Cooper and signing Michael Crabtree gave Carr the necessary weapons to make the big plays he is capable of.



Andrew Luck

Do not be fooled by the name – Andrew Luck has had an unfortunate lack of luck this season. He began the season terribly, and did not recover from the slow start. Luck never fully redeemed himself to be the prolific passer he was in the preceding seasons, and although showing flashes of his former self against the Broncos, he will unfortunately miss more games due to injuries. His poor play should also be blamed on the coaches, as they forced him to be on the field despite a hurt shoulder.

Peyton Manning

Peyton’s decline was one of the biggest fallouts in the sports world. Two seasons ago, he set the record for the most single season touchdowns and yards, while winning league MVP. Peyton picked up where he left off last season, by throwing the most touchdowns in a single season. However, in December of 2014, Peyton suddenly lost the magical touch he once had. He struggled in the Bengals game and his skills were visibly fading away during the divisional playoffs.  Despite everyone’s prediction of a bounce back season, the 39 year old’s poor play continued. He leads the league in interceptions, and has the second lowest Quarterback Rating among starters. If the poor play continues, this might be the last season we see no.18 in a helmet.

Matt Stafford

Inaccurate, inconsistent and trash are some words to describe Matt Stafford’s season. Showing flashes of greatness last year, Stafford recently got into a huge slump. The Lions ascended themselves to be amongst the best teams in the league just last season, but somehow things went sour in less than a year. They currently sit at 1-7, showing inconsistency and bad offense. The decline of Matt Stafford has been a major factor to their fall-from-grace. After this season, the Lions organization should shop for a new quarterback, because the one playing for them right now clearly is not the right fit.