The Price of Fame

The Price of Fame by The Saleswoman


“Isla, one picture, please! Isla, right over here! Isla! Please.”

The sounds of the paparazzi all trying to get a photo of me fill my ears.  Each one of them is yelling my name and asking me to smile for them.  They’re constantly asking questions about my personal life: who I’m dating, who I just hung out with, what my parents are doing…the list goes on, and on, and on.  Everyone knows what is going on in my life because it’s the latest headline of every celebrity gossip site. They make comments about my weight, my hair, and my clothing. They criticize me about things I’ve done.  No website ever comments on my latest movie role, nor do they talk in depth about my performance or the movie itself. It is all judgemental.

When I was younger, I wanted to be famous.  I wanted the fame; I wanted to be on the news.  But now I know what it’s really like.  It can be ridiculous the way they treat us.  As a teenager they judged me on what I ate.  I’d exit McDonald’s after a long day of travelling, and the next day the Internet would buzz with articles like: “Isla has fallen off the wagon – gaining weight and taking drugs.”  Then they’d add the picture of me with my McDonald’s after a 20-hour plane ride.  It was ridiculous.  They think they know everything about you and that they have the right to write whatever they wish. It’s horrible.

As a kid, I wasn’t aware of all the things that come along with fame.  When you’re young and watching TV, you see all the pretty places celebrities get to travel to, all the fellow stars they get to meet, and all their nice clothing, you are unaware of all the other things. Now I know that if I ever wanted to run away and hide, they’d find me.  

I love being an actress, as I get to do what I love everyday. Fans who dedicate Instagram and Twitter accounts to me never fail to warm my heart.  However, along with fans, there are also haters who have Instagram and Twitter “hate accounts” about me.  Some people comment on my own posts castigating me on my appearance, similar to the actions of journalists and news reporters.

There is nowhere to go to escape the paparazzi. You’re always being watched.