Double Chocolate Donut: Extra Chocolaty

By Choco

My family all made it back last night, and extra chocolaty if I may add.  Today is going to be a great day! It’s our cousins’ birthday today.  My family and I are going to give our cousins, the Long Johns, some of our chocolate sauce today.  I can’t wait to see their sprinkles when we do! It is very early in the morning, the store is open for 22 hours, but my side of the family has the day shift. The other side of my family takes the night shift.  I wish I could see the other side of my family more, we only see them on our days off – which isn’t very often.

“Happy birthday long johns!!” My oldest brother said to the Long Johns who came by next to us on their tray.  

“Aww thanks guys,” John, the oldest of the whole Long John family said.

“We got you guys something,” Late, my brother said to them and we all turned to the bowl of chocolate icing that the server began to spread all over them.

“No! You shouldn’t have guys, this is amazing!  Thanks so much.” John said.  I could tell they were all so excited, every one of their sprinkles turned brighter.  They’d already been iced their usual amount but, thanks to our birthday gift, they got extra icing today.  I began to talk to my brother, Ble. He was telling me about his trip last night.  

“I got an adult last night, and while she was eating me up, she offered some of me to her child.  I was so worried, my icing began to melt a little.  I felt scared and offended at the same time.  I mean was I not good enough for her?” I completely understood where Ble was coming from.  That woman completed rejected Ble’s feelings.  I was starting to get angry, how could she treat my brother like that? This is not okay.  I could feel some of my sprinkles fall off.

“Well, what happened next Ble?”

“Luckily, her kid didn’t take me.  But he handled it so ungraciously.  He said he didn’t like ‘my kind!’” Ble said.  I could tell it hurt his feelings, a small droplet of icing fell off of him.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Sometimes people could just be so intolerant towards us.  I mean I know we’re picky, but how would they feel if we ate them up!

“Gee, I’m sorry Ble that’s horrible.  How are you doing today?”

“I’m okay.  I mean it hurt at the time, but I’m much better now.” I still felt so bad for Ble, I mean, luckily, he didn’t get eaten by two different people. That would’ve caused not only pain for his icing, but also for his dough.  Although, this was very hard on his sprinkles to deal with.  

“Plus, it’s the long john’s birthday! It’s time to celebrate!” I laughed when Ble said that.  The server came to pick us up to take us in our presentation slide.  Today, we had a male employee carry us.  I didn’t mind male employees; however, they just never were as gentle as lady employees.  Luckily, he wasn’t too bad.  We only had a bit of a bumpy trip.  I looked over at my little sister Doubs and saw that she wasn’t looking too well.

“What’s wrong Doubs?” I asked.

“I’m feeling a bit tray-sick,” she said slowly.  

“Oh no, sorry to hear that Doubs,” I felt so bad for Doubs. Being tray-sick wasn’t fun at all.  Once, I got so tray sick that my brothers and sisters told me I lost all of the colour of my sprinkles.  But, on the bright side, I was better when I got into our presentation case.  Speaking of which, we were about to get into our case, which meant my absolute favorite “clicking” sound would happen.  Ahhhh, there it was! It made the whole trip worthwhile.  Let’s see who we get in today!

Today was a busy day! We had many humans come in, I thought it was nice of them to celebrate the Long John family’s birthday.  One after another, my cousins, the Long John’s, kept going to one human and another. It almost made me a tiny bit jealous, I mean for the whole morning the Long John’s were selling out and not one of my family had been chosen.  However, by the afternoon, we were getting sold out as well! In fact, I was lucky enough to get a nice young looking fellow.  He was horribly rough with me, but he ate me so I was gone quickly.  Then, once I got back to the store, I talked to Ble and he told me how today he’d gotten a nice young kid to have him.  I felt so happy for him, that was just what he needed after that horrible experience yesterday!