Introduction To Life

Introduction To Life
by Emily H

I asked for a pardon,
Back when I was born,
With open eyes, and heart not yet tainted,

By evil.

I said, ‘leave my soul,’
Let it fly in the baby blue sky with the doves,
And dance in the prairie fields
Like the warm breeze,

I won’t be this way forever,
Innocent and pure,
But for now I filter through the cherry blossom trees,

Like sunlight.

You say, don’t cry,
However, you do not know,
My tears are as pure as rain,

But all they want to do,
Is to wring out my soul,
like a dish towel,

They beat the innocent petals,
of the purest flowers,
To pulp,
I am no longer calm waters,
My seas churn more with every
Poisoned breath I take.

They steal what is left of my purity,
and stain it,
like coffee on white paper,

But this is nothing new,
It is life.