Life As A bird

by: Basil Wang


Sometimes, being a bird isn’t easy. Especially when you’re called a lovebird, and everyone expects you to be loving, but you’re quite frankly not. Also, my owner happens to be a violin teacher, so I am constantly being bothered by the children who are his students. They barge in right in the middle of my sleep, rattling the cage, sticking their stubby little fingers inside, and other annoying little things. Sometimes, there is this extremely naughty one, who comes along, and when no one is looking, picks up the cage in his hand and swings it around. I mean, how could he! Another aspect that is especially annoying are the horrific sounds of my owner’s student’s attempts at the violin, which to be honest, sound not too far from nails on a chalkboard. And later, when they stick their fingers inside the cage and make that stupid cooing sound, they expect me to lick their fingers when all I want to do is bite them clean off. Once, this boy kept flicking the spot where I was trying to sleep, and out of annoyance, I gently bit his finger, and he burst out crying, and within seconds, everyone is comforting him and pretending it was my fault. And that was when I made the decision to completely ignore any children that I ever encounter. Sometimes, I wished I was on the other side of the cage, and I could lock the annoying humans into their own cages, and see how they would feel.